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What did you order or the post deliver? (Japanese N Gauge)


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6 hours ago, lighthouse said:

This month, only two packages arrived... My wife was a little bit confused about the less of packages.... 😂


The East i D! My guess is it was from Mandarake?  😛 Great to see it got to a forum member, i missed it as it was up and next moment away!

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3 hours ago, JR 500系 said:


The East i D! My guess is it was from Mandarake?  😛 Great to see it got to a forum member, i missed it as it was up and next moment away!


Jepp, from Mandarake. I had the same problems in the past... i missed it as it was up and next moment away! 😂

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Another parcel dropped off by my fav retailer ~




I bought an entire box of Odakyu 50000 VSE last run haha 




I'm not lying!




Always beautifully packed




It's raining buses! (and i finally got the Hokutosei basic set!)

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4 hours ago, Sr.Horn said:

Wow restock for the Hokutosei? On website didn't appears.

Nope, i asked Rokko to assist me on Yahoo Auctions, they can do so with a fee. I just had to get that Hokutosei basic set!

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Another HO bus @JR 500系?


Probably need some nice HO trains to do them justice. 


My long awaited SL Hitoyoshi arrived this evening. Wasn’t gonna miss out on another 8600 loco and as the train has been announced to retire, keen that I included it in my collection. 


The “special” outer sleeve is not the most exciting but nice to have a black book case as well. Inside is the usual green and white printed instructions as well as a leaflet to create a Hisatsu-esque layout using Kato’s new red oxide bridges. 


The steam engine 58654 is stunning  in N scale with the gate style deflectors, gold lining and red drive rods. Also the fact you can see under the boiler to the other side just shows how well this model has been engineered. The modern additions are also present such as the GPS antenna, modern water tank and even the funnel gauze is modelled. 


The only thing I don’t like is how large the rapido coupler is. This one certainly looks thicker than the usual Kato ones. As I never use them, it’s not an issue but for those who prefer the shunting ability of rapidos, it’s a monster. 


The 50 series coaches are also exquisite with beautiful gold printing. This holds up well to the eye but with a magnifying loupe you can see some of the gold flecks of the paint reduces the ability to get it super crisp. There are some added coupler housings with air hoses which I’ve added to mine. Not sure if there are issues with these for very tight corners as they’re not fitted when you receive the model. Kato includes their medium length knuckles which I decided to replace with the EF66 short shank versions to give more realistic distances between loco and train.


The intermediate couplers between coaches are their body mounted, clip knuckles as used on their 24 series coaches. I still very much favour this mentality as opposed to the Tomix method of fitting everything with bogie mounted rapidos. 


Other additions are a black short style re-railer, and a headmark for a DE10. 


All in all, this is certainly a great looking set. It’s a slight shame the outer sleeve couldn’t have been a bit more exciting, perhaps the Hitoyoshi headmark in gold would’ve been a better option. But I cannot fault the contents. A really nice addition that we’ve been waiting a couple of years for. E7929410-729F-4FAB-A660-0A89DDD4B36D.thumb.jpeg.47ce9efc5058e58642c6d66808fbb340.jpeg

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JR 500系
15 hours ago, Kamome said:

Another HO bus @JR 500系?


Probably need some nice HO trains to do them justice. 


Haha sharp eyed there @Kamome! I hope i'm not venturing too deeply into the HO bus range... and NO sorry no HO scale trains to go along. That rabbit hole is SEALED and PLASTERED shut for me ~  😛


Great review on the SL Hitoyoshi! Being the only steam train i have rode, it certainly brings back memories... Didnt know there are so much more work to make the entire train more realistic! How would you rate the difficulty of exchanging the couplers? 



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56 minutes ago, JR 500系 said:

How would you rate the difficulty of exchanging the couplers? 

It’s very straight forward, the usual Kato affair. The loco has a very ingenious clip design on the tender so you push it out, and the whole rear assembly with ladder and grab iron comes off, giving easy access to the coupler mount. I assume it’s the same design for the 8620 model but I don’t have one of these to confirm. 


The loco has a short shank included along with optional knuckle and rapido for the front. I chose to keep the fitted dummy on the front.


The 50 series coaches have a coupler assembly that removes easily from the coach. I’d suggest taking the leading bogie off first.


Already fitted is a familiar two piece Kato assembly with a bent piece of brass as a centre aligning spring. (If you have any other Kato coaching stock, blue trains etc..)


The upper piece of this assembly can be exchanged for the included detailed version, with air hoses. There are 2 different versions, A and B,  for the Ohafu 50 701 and 702.  I chose to reduce the gap with a shorter coupler but it isn’t necessary if you just want to fit the medium shank ones included. We’re talking very little difference but as I spent some time converting all my loco and coaches to these, I have a few spares.


I have been considering replacing a number of coach sets with magnetic couplers to aid easier loco changes. 



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