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What did you order or the post deliver? (Japanese N Gauge)


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Spent a couple of days in Andorra with my family, and of course, I visited the Basar Valira shop, a major model store with lots of stock.


As always in european shops, model trains are overprized, but tracks and others are OK so I adquired some Unitrack tracks and the KATO piers set. 




37 euros in total. Not bad.


Now I'm suppose can make a layout in viaduct but... it's possible without viaduct track sections? 



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Oh, I heard of Valira from someone who sold me his coaches second hand!


Though it seems their catalogue is much bigger than what they show to have on their website. 🤔

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Despite attempts not to fall to temptation, I still find myself weak to buying more trains. Case in point, some impulse purchases from Mandarake:




The ED78 had been sitting in their Nakano store, while the two coaches - an OHaFu 33 and an OHa 61 - came all the way from the Sapporo store. Talk about a long way to go!


The coaches further pad out my passenger collection, while the ED78 plays into my love of boxy red AC electrics.


Meanwhile in Osaka, another steam loco is preparing for departure, this time a Kato C11 that was *only* $100.30NZD including VAT. Plus some extra spare parts for my ED75 fleet. The spares, necessary; the C11, an impulse...


I really need to up my resistance to temptation!

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Got the notice that my *other* new Kato C11 has come into stock at Hobbysearch, now the question is which of the two I have coming will arrive first: the secondhand one or the brand new one? Either way I’m still going to get two shiny new C11s!


Thoughts are now turning towards cases for some of my other rolling stock. At the moment I’m being squeezed for space and could do with a few recommendations on who has the best cases. I keep hearing good things about the Casco ones on this thread.


To give an idea of what’s triggered this tangential thought, here’s how I currently store my collection:




Turns out a 27L clip-lock container was great for a small collection, but mine ain’t so small now! The majority of stuff inside is Kato - all in individual cases - but there’s a smattering of Popondetta and and a few Tomix strays inside, plus most of my track. This part of the cupboard also houses my Märklin H0 tinplate stuff plus in the other containers, some of my video gaming stuff and some DVDs and VHS tapes for good measure... and yes, I am old enough to know what VHS tapes are!




And up the top, the rolling stock in its cases plus a few games and more books. I have a *small* library stored throughout the house, garage and attic... most likely over 200 books... and surprise, most of them are about trains! The gap at right normally houses my two Kato V-sets which are going to have to move.


Someone on the Märklin-users.net Facebook group once told me that my hobby would be like a gas, it would fill the space I gave it. How right he was!





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Ahh the old since I’m paying for big shipping might as well look for some other bits to throw in and not pay much shipping for! I never do that! 😜



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