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What did you order or the post deliver? (Japanese N Gauge)


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3 hours ago, Englehart said:

Finally got a Double Crossover 🙂 after months of waiting thou it's an old one image.thumb.png.84273aed8cec96c9709d985b2a75829a.png

Very old one.  Why did you have trouble obtaining one?  I thought these were fairly common.

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2 hours ago, Kanpai Keith said:

Very old one.  Why did you have trouble obtaining one?  I thought these were fairly common.


budget reasons 😀most of them sells aabout $20 or more, I got these 2 for only 10 bucks 🙂

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2 hours ago, gavino200 said:


What make is that? An old Kato?

an old version of tomix the most old one since it's still have those manual black switches

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Just over a week ago, Exhibit K turned up from HobbySearch: the Tomix 8734 WaMu 80000.



And then this weekend just been, I got to go to a train show! The first in nearly two years! And I picked these up for $5.00 - the Tomix 2006 catalog and a Greenmax 2004 one too! Strictly for reference, mind.



There was a bit of Japanese N scale running at the show but only one train to sell - looked like a 209 with a bilevel car but it was old, had no box, and was missing the rear cab car. So it stayed there. Besides, next package I get should have a C57 in it... oh, and I also spent up big on my Märklin addiction. 😁

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I’ve been wanting this for sometime. Micro Ace 300 0 Series “J61” for JR Central. Perfect for running Hikari and Kodama Tokaido services. So far I’m pretty satisfied with it. 




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On 7/18/2021 at 7:43 PM, Madsing said:

I am curious to see what will happen now. RG Rokko will definitely try to help. What will Tomytec do?


On 7/18/2021 at 9:25 PM, roadstar_na6 said:

Please keep us posted about it, I'd like to know how Tomytec handles this.



On 7/19/2021 at 9:10 PM, Kamome said:

@JR 500系 Having dealt previously with Tomytec customer service, i would say they are very accommodating. The time scale could have been faster but I contacted them throughout the initial lockdown period in Japan so I certainly don’t have any issue with my dealing with them. 



Sure guys! I've wrote to Tokonami san at Rail Rokko, he is currently checking with Tomytec on this. I'm also quite curious if Tomytec would buy my story as i had no other way to clearly show the wheel axle was missing the moment i opened the 'blind' Tomytec box, unless of course i take a video each time i open blind boxes to show this.... I did took plently of photos of the singular box and the larger box and their serial numbers in case they require these.... 


And congrats @Szepessy Tibor san! So glad a forum member won and happy that you shared photos with us! It's a great looking model!

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Got these today, finally. A train washing platform kit from, a Kato power unit I plan on putting into my B Train Shorty EF64, and some random bridge I hope to use on my track segments that currently are floating in the air on my shelf layout.



Sad news is that there are new laws in place regarding packages from outside the EU, so everything gets taxed now. Such a shame. Got to be more careful with ordering train stuffs now

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1 hour ago, Sheffie said:

Some more trees, because…
also, a new thing for me, lighting kits for coaches. 


To avoid frustration, make sure you check all the contacts and bend if necessary to ensure they have good continuity. The brass strips and the contact points on the light units can sometimes ping off each other meaning it all works fine until you pop the body back on.

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