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What did you order or the post deliver? (Japanese N Gauge)


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I ve used these controllers on other layouts and had no problems with them at all. Like you say,if you just want a basic train controller they re perfect for the job.

I paid £26 I total including postage for both👍😀

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40 minutes ago, Pauljag900 said:

I ve used these controllers on other layouts and had no problems with them at all. Like you say,if you just want a basic train controller they re perfect for the job.

I paid £26 I total including postage for both👍😀


That sounds like a bargain to me 🙂

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2 hours ago, TimWay4 said:

I always see people rag on those Hornby controllers, and yeah they might be basic, but if you just need a cheap and cheerful controller they are a pretty good option.


I love your track layout, doesn't look like there's a lot of straights being used which I like 


I also use a couple of hornby controllers, and they're quite pretty good.

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The Snow Rabbit Express was a birthday present, so I disposed of a few unwanted items on Ebay and acquired a few things from Amazon Japan to keep it company.   Delivered to the UK four days after ordering, very impressive!






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Kato Rural platform set X 2

Kato Rural platform extension set X 4 , (2 for someone else.)

Between the new job, boat building, layout building, my love for gardening and, life in general, it's a slow build.

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On 9/23/2020 at 12:27 PM, TimWay4 said:

Picked this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/KATO-N-gauge-24-based-express-sleeper-Hokutosei-DX-organized-hematopoiesis-6-Ca/154069190438?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 up on Ebay this morning, not super sure on the price, but it seemed cheap enough that alarm bells didn't go off, I'll see what it's like when it turns up though

Turns out I'm not getting this anymore, the ebay seller doesn't actually have any

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Part of my latest order - somewhat of an impulse buy after getting a project idea while watching NHK Train Cruise.  Shimabara Railway DMU's and bus as well as a few other items that might work with my layout idea.  Also received a Green Max building kit and some Kato 2 axle refrigerator vans.  Hopefully this will inspire me to continue my layout planning.


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My Zenmarket goodies arrived today - one set of 3075 couplers and ploughs, some coupler springs and the long-awaited DD51 Hokutosei number boards plus TWO (individual!) couplers. So much for auto-translate... (facepalms)

Anyhow, this now means I can fix my two DD51 locos up, and I’ve done a quick fix on my JR Freight ED75-1000 which donated its good parts to my older ED75-0. It’s not a perfect fix, but it’ll hold for now and if it ever bugs me, I can always replace the whole chassis with new bits and use the old one for spares. Good thing those coupling/plough units were cheap!

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On 9/28/2020 at 9:33 AM, railsquid said:

Time to jump the JR Tokai shark, because I finally got round to working out which trains they run on the Minobu line (they kind of all look the same to me...)

Kato 313-3000 series by Rail Squid, on Flickr


I thought I was the only one. I see the white ends and just give up trying to figure out where it's from. 

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3 hours ago, lighthouse said:

Got this week 2 Sets an 2 buses. 1x Starter-Freight Set, 2 Buses of Hokkaido, 1x Add-on Set Niseko Express! Now I am happy! 😄




That blue and brown carriage set is really nice. Is it second hand.The info on Hobbysearch says 2011 release. I'd like to get one of those.

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I ordered 7 buildings from Outland models in China on 23/9,at the same time I ordered some coloured acetate for the windows from the Uk,

the buildings arrived this morning,9 days from China,no sign of the acetate 😂

also arrived was some card to finish the infill,some glue and an assortment of paving sheets,all for the “Just for fun Unitram. Layout” 

also arrived was some self adhesive roadway.Looks like a busy weekend👍😂😂



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After about 6 years of doing this I've adopted a few principles to prevent structural damage to my house due to excess model train weight, one of those is to stay clear of older stuff which doesn't come fitted with corridor connectors (unless it's something of very specific interest), so of course I was unable to resist this made in 1990 Kato 211 series Tokaido livery 7-car set:



Kato 211-0 series by Rail Squid, on Flickr


for a whole 4,000 yen, moreover the (or a) previous owner had gone to the trouble of fitting corridor connectors so I know who to blame if the house falls down.


Some mechanical TLC needed, but otherwise a perfectly fine model for its time/price.

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I can just visualize the look in Mrs squid’s face when you are explaining it was the other guys fault the train room collapsed... 😜



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The roadway I bought for the tram layout.

ok it’s designed for English speaking layouts but a few strategical positioned vehicles will take care of that,!

Self adhesive vinyl,£20 inc postage 👍😀55B5A75D-361A-4024-95D4-8F8B6C7A6770.thumb.jpeg.e86cfcf3155e8e1517202a7287d175b2.jpeg

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Just got this from HobbySearch. Took 20 days to Canada by Registered Air. Not bad, considering all the reported delays.



I couldn't resist grabbing a third corner office for my stack, but now I'm thinking I'll double up the lobby and now it feels too tall... Oops. This will take some more playing around.


But I've already stacked up the condominium, and really love the proportions! It sure looks and feels exactly like some high rises here in Edmonton. The three lobby floors appear they aren't quite meant to be stacked like this at the bottom, so there's a bit of a lean to one side that will take some sanding to adjust. And I'm pretty sure no one is going to be climbing the 13 story outdoor stairwell at the back! Still looks perfectly acceptable until I get around to doing some detailing. Really happy with this one.



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I love this building! They stack so well and are a direct copy of condos in japan, seen them several places. 

never tired to stack extra lobbies together, I’ll have to look at that! I was playing with taking the big box off the roof for a little two story unit to put in a burb scene.


its also great to do detailing on with the balconies and planter boxes. It’s too bad kobaru left the business as they had great clothes drying racks, satellite dishes, etc details for balconies like that. There are some etched gold metal small table and chairs or the outdoor faller table and chairs for the balconies. Toni has a bunch of flower pots on shapeways or you can turn your own on your Dremel and a toothpick and xacto blade as a chisel!



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Great ideas! I didn't think I would end up doing too much detailing to this kit until I got it and saw the planters, just begging for attention. At least the dark tinted glass means I can skimp on the interiors and just focus on the balconies. All easier said than done, of course, but I've got time to sort it out while it sits nicely on the layout as is.

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And finally, my very first 'Sayonara/ Arigato' Shinkansen set, and my very first FULL 16-car consist!



The box art is just....... amazing....



Nice back art too, but i'm not sure if i ever saw the 700 series like that before... it isnt on any viaduct....



The beautiful 2 box set with adjoining picture of the face of the 700 series.... 



Set A and B, each containing 8 cars, and one motor car each in each set (car no. 5 in set A and car 13 in set B) 



Here's Set A



Gotta love that Arigato 700 logo!!!



Arigato logo also painted on some of the car sides 



And a special edition booklet.. (havent seen it yet...) 


Had to pay some custom fees to release this from the customs as it was over SGD$400 but oh well.... I really love this set! Only complaint would probably be the missing Nozomi destination logos on the sides..... But i guess that can be fixed by using some Geomatrix decals!

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