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Future prospects for Kato 1:150 Swiss metre-gauge?


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I just noticed this morning that Modelbahn Kramm are advertising a model of an Rhb Ge4/4  ki in N gauge by a new manufacturer MADE models.Basic models priced at 147-50 euros but there are various models with DCC and sound as well

Now is this compatible? Interesting to say the leas


After posting this I found a post about them on another forum which confirms they are compatible with Kato

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The scale is right, but it looks as if they use Rapidos rather than the Kato coupler design. Not sure if they could be changed either.


It would solve a lot of problems if Kato were to tool a variant of the couplers they use on the RhB stock which simply clips into a standard Rapido pocket. Much like the 11-703 Shibatas. You could fit them to standard bogies under 3d printed models and scratchbuilds then.

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