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My Tokuyama station layout


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That is super cool! Really caught your wedding scene totally! Really well done! Kudos!



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That is by far one of the best diorama scenes done, especially when there is real life references! It's definitely very well done and worthy of an article! Thank you for sharing!


Just wondering, what figure did you use to portray Mr Eurostar25 and Mrs Eurostar25? I haven't seen these lovely N scale figures before...  :)

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It was a fantastic idea to replicate your wedding day in the first place and you ve done it superbly,give yourself a pat on the back budy

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Thanks for the comments guys, it was quite fun making this one and trying to copy it as best as I could. I did have to give away the road between the shrine and the double track lower level like in real life but I'm happy with it.


Time for a new project, this time it's back to the station with the aim of replicating the other half of Tokuyama. I guess I didnt do it prior as I quite liked the challenge of the other scenes, the river, the mountain and the gas works.


Attached are some photos from google maps of what I'd like to represent.

It'll be almost a copy of the other module with the viaduct station completing the upper level 8 car shinkansen station. I managed to source the correct Toyoko inn but will have to make up a bit of the station frontage and also the road works and house near the front.


Will update in due course





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I suppose I should rename this thread to my Tokuyama layout as it's coming along now...


Thought I should get the modules lined up and show what the modules have created.


I had a go at making a few Youtube videos too, not sure if the links have embedded within the post.



Dr Yellow passing Tokuyama station



Hikari Railstar passing Tokuyama station



Hikari Railstar passing the Fuji river



EH500 crossing the Fuji river



E259 Narita Express crossing the river




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A bit of progress on the station, a bit of styrene laid and painted for the roadways and footpaths, locations marked out for yet to arrive buildings, a bit of painting in general and the track work glued on its upper level viaduct board. The board isn't glued in place yet, still plenty of detailing to be done under the plank.



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Aahhh a great idea to use wood for the overhead station! Why didn't I think of that! That way you are not restricted to the number of pieces that Tomix produces!  :)

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That's it JR500, use the Kato or Tomix bits where necessary for details like the station etc but make custom bits and fill in the gaps with the mainline products in between then it doesn't look like an advertisement for Kato or tomix products and may be a bit more realistic as its a one off.

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This layout looks great and gets better with every new module! Do you plan to set it up as a permanent one?

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Thanks KVP, at this stage the plan is just for another 5 modules to make it a continuous loop, with a size of 3.4m by 2.4m - enough to fit in a spare bedroom.

It will be supported on black trestle tables which give a 20cm gap between the table edge and the module edge - enough space to place a beverage or two!

That was sort of the whole idea from the start, my wife and I were at a rail themed bar in Ginza (not the one from Japan rail journal however) and she made the comment it was a quirky and cool idea for a bar counter, I said how about if I made one at home? She said go on! (I think she was joking though!)

We are only renting in our current house due to both our work situations but would like a place of our own in the future. Hence why I made it modular - so it can be moved with minimal destruction.

That's the plan anyway!

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brilliant Scott. looks Ab fab laid out on the floor! All you need is an indoor mini drone with camera to follow the train around.

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Loving this build mate! I like the different modules. Your creativity is inspiring. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your modules.


Cheers eh,



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A little bit of progress, mainly painting roads and footpaths while waiting for items to arrive from Japan; platforms, buildings, vehicles and detail parts.

Overall pretty happy with it, not so pleased with the viaduct join to the next module, not sure how one ended up with a higher viaduct that the other, even though the tracks are level. Might try to mix the lines up next time on the opposite side station modules yet to be built to make it less geometric/symmetric with the baseboard.

I'll get the two halves of the station joined when I complete the platforms.


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A bit more progress, the platform pieces arrived as did a house but I'm still waiting on the new tomytec restaurant which will go in the vacant lot next to Lawson's.

Lined them up to see what they look like. Reasonably pleased.

Still 100's of people to add, vehicles and power poles and lights too.





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Oh wow!


It looks really nice now! I really like the bus stop and car park in front of the station, really captured the feel of a shinkansen station!


Just wondering though, the house that is in the front of the shinkansen station would cost a lot in real estate prices!  :)

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Thanks Jr500, there is actually a house there in real life, unfortunately I couldn't find anything remotely close to it in the Hobby search building section. I might add some trees to disguise it. I haven't glued it in yet, I'll consider a scratch built one if I really don't like it over time!

I wonder what it's worth actually, it would be mighty noisey and probably have quite bad vibrations being so close, but now you mention it, it is an odd place to have a house! I guess Tokuyama is pretty rural in the Japanese scheme of things!


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Oh wow... amazing. I didn't know there are houses so close to a station! Mu guess is that the houses were there before the stations was built, and now those houses must cost a fortune now! Or are the residents complaining of the noise and vibration and all by the shinkansens?


Beautiful interpretation of Tokuyama station there! Very nicely done!

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Thanks for the comments, I quite like that Sankei kit. I've never noticed it before and never tried their range before.

I've only got room for one house unfortunately, I had to compromise the space and also lose another car park.

I'll add that to the Wishlist

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Prototypical incorrect.  Go stand in the corner until the fun police let you out.


Look great.  I feel shame for my own efforts now slow poke though. haha Thanks.

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Oh wow... amazing. I didn't know there are houses so close to a station! Mu guess is that the houses were there before the stations was built, and now those houses must cost a fortune now! Or are the residents complaining of the noise and vibration and all by the shinkansens?

I guess this side of the tracks just isn't very attractive. There is "lots" of space available: https://goo.gl/maps/Z8sUCu4EWrq

Might have something to do with all the industry.


Very interesting area to model, though. :)

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