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My Tokuyama station layout


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After seeing others make some great billboard advertisements I thought I'd have a go with the one building that I have that'll appear on an upcoming module.

Not the fanciest or cleanest by any means but when viewing from 2ft away it shouldn't be too noticeable.

Pretty happy with the result and definitely breaks up the imitation company names on the building.


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Not too much work being done of late as work has been a bit busy. Mainly aquiring track work for the up coming modules. The idea has shifted a bit now to completing the entire loop so I can finally run trains in a circuit rather than up and down the station.


In the meantime a few of the locals were trying out the Viaduct track prior to completion






It's a busy day outside the station







The local commuters are a bit surprised to see the E6 a long way from its home


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The local commuters are a bit surprised to see the E6 a long way from its home




Nice picture - I think you've just sold me on the E6 as I'm on the fence.  I really do like the livery and I can probably grow to like the shape.  Let's pick up the pace a little bit Eurostar - you got fans anxiously awaiting the next module.  Just kidding, progress is progress and I really enjoy witnessing your modules being built and coming together as a layout. Thanks for sharing!  :)

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Haha thanks Serotta, I'll see what I can put together. The next modules are a yard that uses the Kato overhead station and a couple of corner modules, one showing a busy street scene and the other yet to be designed.


The E6 is a great model, I was the same - sitting on the fence. I guess the thing that swayed me was the magazine cover of one magazine that sits on a bookshelf in the spare room where the modules are... Seeing it led to further investigations!




I ended up with the Kato model and am happy with it. The 3 car set was from yahoo auctions at ¥4000 which I was pleased with and the add on from Amiami.

I really like the colour, even though next to the NEX they look about the same! I probably won't go for the E5 or H5 unless I end up riding them. There's enough greenery in the form of the super view odoriko.





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Ive had a go at making the next module, which sort of became making 2 at the same time as I had the timber and track for it.

The whole idea of these 2 is to complete the loop so I can run trains continuously.


The first one I'd like to do is a corner one which connects to the river scene, so this one has an incline on it to get the track down to the module level. I thought I'd like to have a go at this scene from I think near Shinjuku station. At this stage not too sure how detailed it will be as I'd like to make these modules stackable for ease of transport so Ill make sure the buildings will be detachable but I'll have a go at detailing the roadway and the hundred or so characters required! The left side will be a grass embankment minus the buildings. The buildings will be on the right side and behind.






The second module isn't based on anywhere particular but will use the Kato overhead transit station with 4 tracks and the newer island platforms and also serve as a yard to store trains. The viaduct track will just pass behind the yard.

This one will take a bit of time as the points aren't the cheapest but will be added in due course.



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I could finally join up the 2 modules that'll eventually become the ground level station.

The main thing I wanted to see was if my longest consist would fit into the station yard - the Yamanote line E231-500.

Thankfully it did, but only just, and the last cars will have to overhang the platform but they'll clear the passing loop which will give me the option to run or store them while something else runs on the loop.



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Had a go at the corner module which will connect to the yard from the above post


I'll detail the roadway before glueing the track and overbridge down. The inclined are possibly a bit steeper than they should be the effect should be ok. Actually the photo makes it quite hard to depict the incline... And I ran out of styrene for the roads too. I'll take a shot of it again when the roads are all complete.

I've ordered the green plate girder sides which will be glued onto the edge to look like the Shinjuku scene.


Surprisingly there wasnt as much room as I thought to add in all the buildings i'd like to have done once the viaduct track was placed around the back. Might end up placing buildings on the yard scene to balance it out.



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Thanks KVP, I'm planning to use these Kato plate girder bridges and just separate the track and cut the bridge apart then attach it to the side of the overbridge which I have made out of wood.

They seem to be plastic so shouldn't be too hard to tackle with a craft knife. 




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Thanks! I have absolutely no idea how could these bridges be hacked to pieces and bent in a curve without completly destroying them, so please keep us updated. (actually, i have a project that has been on hold for years that also needs bridge sides glued to a wooden boards)

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Great idea! If you need to make the stryene more pliable, very hot (up to boiling) works to soften it some.



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If it's any help to anyone I ve used these in the past,they re a lot thinner than the kato one and not so sure they d be available worldwide.I needed to bend the truss bridge slightly and did exactly as Jeff said,dipped it in a bowl of hot water,I did break the first one but the second attempt was fine,I just ordered another set.post-2329-0-44245000-1476472311_thumb.pngpost-2329-0-13029000-1476472327_thumb.png

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Been a bit busy lately but got a few coats of paint onto the corner module. The red will need many more to hide the asphalt colour underneath. It'll end up a 3 lane road in either direction.

I have to detail all I can under the bridge before I can glue it down and ballast it, so that means all the road markings and figures beneath the bridge.

The inclines are a bit steep admittedly but hopefully a bus or two on the slopes help conceal it!



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This is the first half of the station for these modules.

As the pedestrian bridge spans 4 tracks I'll have to scratch build the walkway but I'm happy with how it's come out.

The viaduct tracks will pass down the rear of the module.

Getting closer now to finally making a full loop, one more corner module to construct then finally they'll be able to stretch their legs rather than being held in captivity!



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Been a bit quiet of late, got sidetracked somewhat by lighting systems and LEDs... Have had to go about it one module at a time but I thought I'd go for the station first as that's what is semi permanently set up at present. A dimmer switch is on its way for the platform lights but am really happy with the initial results.





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Wow Eurostar! I really love what you did with that Toyoko Inn, with the lightings in alternate windows! How did you achieve that effect, did you partition off the interior and fitted each LED in one portion (room) to get that effect? Looks REALLY good!


I also noticed the giant plastic cover behind, is that used to cover the layout after you have finished running and working on the layout for the day? Great idea for dust control!

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Hi JR500, yeah I just use a drop cover I think it was called, the package said it was for use when changing a car tire as a drop sheet to put on the ground while you work. It's 3x3m and was ¥108 so I thought it might suit as a temporary cover as its thin and weighs next to nothing.



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it is a very good habit to cover if possible! Does need to get pulled off carefully and shaken out now and then. good thing about most plastic sheeting is that the static that builds on them tends to make the dust stick to it well!


also air filter in the room helps ALOT! i started using one in my office and the amount of accumulated dust has plummeted! does eat some electricity though but found one that is pretty good on power.



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