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My Japanese style layout


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While it isn't at all prototypical, just about any KIHA or locomotive made it up the slope during the testing.  We calculated the slope to be about double the steepness of the Hakone Tozan line. 


Traction tyres on the model really made a difference though.  I tried a Graham Farish Class 08 shunter (no traction tyres) and it gave up half-way up the slope, spinning its wheels.

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I must say, stunning photos and a great layout with everything on it! Keep them coming! I'm really enjoying it! :)

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Coolness overloaded! I really love your layout, thanks for sharing!


I think i see the cut on one of the first photos posted here about the completed layout and managed to find the red bridge after you told me where to look. My only question is if it's not a rack line, then what kind of train could climb up to the resort station? (a Tomix Hakone Tozan set might be able to do it, but i don't know what else)

Does a rack track available in N?


IMHO a normal 2-4 cars EMU can do it. Extra weight and/or traction tires would improve them a lot.

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Does a rack track available in N?

Yes, Fleischmann makes it, along with the matching locomotives. The rack sections can be paired with their track system to create a simple Riggenbach/Strub rack system.

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That is a very dangerous branch line! Or a possible expansion point :)


I've put a buffer stop at the end of the line there since that picture was taken.  We had originally put varnish on the rails to stop power to the wheels, but something still managed to get past during testing once or twice.

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If you run analog, then isolating the section on one side and adding a diode over that only allows reversing out of the stop section works nicely, but the stop section length should be at least the length of your longest multiple unit on that line and its deceleration distance. (to make sure everything stops in time)


ps: Can you take a picture of the whole mountain line in one? I'm really courious about the incline and the cutting.

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