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new NHK World show: Japan Railway Journal


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4 hours ago, Ronny said:

If he upload Lee videos, the problem is that anyone can read the forum and not only who are registered. Can not allow only registered to read?


The forum is open to the public to read, but you have to be registered to post or pm. It's an open forum and we don't want to close it off to the public to read or they will never find us and see what is here to come and participate.


the alternative would be for folks with files like this to share require others to pm them to get the link to a file they are staring so as to not make the links public. But this would not prevent anyone the link is shared with from passing it on or doing something else with the files.



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Considering all of these shows are promotional for Japan and all japanese rail companies, i don't think there is a really big incentive to go after anyone sharing it. As long as the YT videos are up and nobody is bothered to take them down, we can assume they will leave everyone else in peace. Especially that nonregistered people and search engines only see the text content of some of the subforums, without any pictures or clickable links. (at least that was the case with the old forum, might worth checking now)

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  Seeing as I appear to have been the cause of this item,I thought you'd like to know I have two tablets.One is registered for the forum,the other one isn't.After reading kvps post I entered Lee's code for JRJ 39 on the unregistered one and it started playing! So it's open access.

In Britain NHK is on SKY satellite channel 507 which can only be received via a set box which includes a hard drive for recording.

So using this I am recording direct via Sky from NHK.

Last night I compared the NHK app onto this tablet and so I can watch the \NHK programmes direct! (Ive still to work out how to transfer to Google Drive)

In short this is a minefield and if permission to copy was withdrawn we would all be losers.

Let sleeping dogs lie


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The forum does not have anything to do with Access to Lee's files other than being the place he posted the links to the files on his server account (that server account has nothing to do with the forum or membership to the forum) for others to get if they wished. Since all our posts in the forum are public to both registered and non registered users it makes no difference if you are registered on the forum to see Lee's links to his files.


the only way to limit access to the links to forum members would be to have him only pm the links to other forum members and not put them directly in posts (which are public and don't need forum membership to see). It's totally Lee's decision on what he would want to do about this, he now seems comfortable to leave it the way it was as it appears as if the chap is not using his files to upload to YouTube, but we will leave it up to him as he's the one doing the work to make these available.


they do seem like promotional videos and nhk does not seem to derive much if any advertising from their international stuff so I do doubt they care all that much if they are shared, but it's their content and they can enforce or not enforce limits on distribution of these, it's up to them.



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A complete list of JRJ episodes can be found on The TVDB at https://www.thetvdb.com/?tab=seasonall&id=304739&lid=7

There are a few of us that maintain the list, taking the details from the NHK website. I usually add episode details to the DB as I download the shows from Lee, that way when I import the show to my media centre it automatically picks up all the show details, thumbnail, synopsis etc.

Keep up the good work Lee, hugely appreciate the efforts here in NZ.

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On 9/16/2017 at 8:28 AM, scotspensioner said:

Sorry that was a typo!! It should read just Glossop .My connections with down there are now long gone and I've never been back since 1984 but I still have a connection with someone I met on one of the Oldham holidays.However she lives of Orkney!


For those unfamiliar with the Woodhead electrics here is a picture of sister engine 26020 before being repainted BR Blue and reclassified as a class 76. I kick myself now for not taking pictures of these when they were stabled near my house at the weekends but as a youngster all I did was take the numbers, Doh!


K119 N 006.jpg

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Didn't we all make that mistake! I did have some poor shots taken at Mottram yard at a later date but they're long lost!

Woodhead (and the entire Great Central) - a byword for British short sighted need


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Hello Lee,


So sorry to bother you, but I've worked out that I'm missing Ep. 27.  Would you be kind enough to share just one more time?


Regarding the YouTube videos, I would suggest you use some video editing software to put a mark, such as a red dot, for a few seconds at a particular place in the file.  If the same mark appears on YouTube then you know the source.  Of course, there is naught you can do to stop it, but at least you would know.


Thanks for all of your hard work.  I greatly appreciate your efforts.

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During next week another new episode is coming about the conservation and utilization of railway heritage. Details next:




October 6, 2017


Rediscovering Old Horizons: Preservation and Utilization of Railway Heritage


Preservation activities are ongoing for old stations and trains that contributed to the modernization of Japan, as they are a vital part of history. Recent examples include an old station in the heart of Tokyo renovated into a commercial complex, disused stations transformed into contemporary art, and a citizen group persevering a historic train through internet fundraising. See how railway heritage is being given a new lease of life, and helping to revitalize local regions.


Hours of Broadcast (London Time)


Thursday, October 5 16:30 - 17:00 22:30 - 23:00


Friday, October 6 4:30 - 5:00 10:30 - 11:00

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1 hour ago, Ochanomizu said:



I would still appreciate someone sharing Ep. 27.  I can only download low resolution.


Thanks in advance.


Or you could also view online on youtube here:



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The "Rediscovering Old Horizons: Preservation and Utilization of Railway Heritage" episode is the most boring yet. *yawn


The weird voiceover section of Miki Murai (which was clearly rehashed from a different show) took waaay too long. Barely any trains and mostly shopping and modern art, and the aftermath of a horrible accident of a heritage diesel train with an over-sized incandescent tube. Hopefully the next episode will be better.

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Thanks again Lee for this episode

I found the part about the Tokyo station interesting having seen Nimo5s programmes of this area which he uploaded in January 2016 after a New Year break in Tokyo

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