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Omiya Railway Museum special exhibitions March 14~

bikkuri bahn

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The JR East railway museum in Omiya will be showing a pair of special exhibitions from 3/14 to 6/21.  Titled "Two Starts", one will examine the Hokuriku Shinkansen, the other the Ueno Tokyo Line.  The Hokuriku Shinkansen exhibition will feature 1/20 scale models of the E7/W7, details of the tunnels and bridges along the route, snowfall countermeasures, and past limited express and express trains that ran between Tokyo and the Hokuriku region.  The Ueno Tokyo Line exhibition will focus on the building of the elevated portion of the route, including the building over the Tohoku Shinkansen, and the techniques involved given the limited time and space without disrupting existing services.  Also past limited expresses that used this section, and Joban Line trains that once went as far as Yurakucho.  Cab view videos will be featured.

Normal museum entry fee of 1000 yen will allow access to these exhibits.





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You must really like skiing. :)


Not really... Never actually tried before. Going to play with snow and the sledge more like it...   :(



Wife 1 - You 0. haha


Good One! Well... It was Me 1 Wife 0 when I won the trip to Japan in the first place so...


Then the score went more like this:


Me 1 Wife 0 - Go Japan Yes!

Me 1 Wife 1 - Go Asahigawa Flower Park

Me 1 Wife 2 - Go Tateyama Route  

Me 1 Wife 3 - Go Gala Yuzawa

Me 2 Wife 3 - Go Nagoya JR Central Museum

Me 3 Wife 3 - Go SL Hitoyoshi FULL trip

Me 3 Wife 4 - Go Huis Ten Bosch


I still lost...

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