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Trouble in Paradise - Kato Unitrack Question


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I have run into a track planning issue that I thought I would ask the experts A quick track planning issue,


I am primarily planning on running passenger EMUs, but I have run into a potential problem on my track plan.   My track is basically against the back of the layout (1ft. shelf) but I want to run it back to the shelf so that I can ultimately complete a loop.  The dimensions I have suggest that I might be able to run a ? shape, but only if I make extensive use of the 216mm (8 1/2") 45 degree unitrack pieces (and cheat a little bit).  I have to make the ? shape in a 1' by 2' area so using any larger size track won't work (nor can it have easement curves).  I am ok with the use of 8 1/2" unitrack (and I have some pieces available from prior projects).


I know it is going to look horrid, and I will likely hide most some of the track work in easy to access tunnels, but really would like opinions as to whether this is such a bad idea that I should be making significant modifications to my track plan.  Has anyone tried running EMUs on this tight of curve?  I will likely pull out the trailer cars from my set later and see if they will navigate the curves and pass on that spacing.





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I think you might be pushing it a bit.  Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and come to the conclusion that what you'd like just won't fit.

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It depends on the emu-s in question. Some Tomix 20 m emus (like the 113 series) navigate R140 without problems and many Tomix and some Kato emus work on R150 as a minimum. Almost all Tomytec train collection trains and most Modemo emus work fine with R140 as a minimum. If you can give us a list of emu-s you want to run and a trackplan drawing, then it would be easier to see what you are trying to do. You can check the minimum radius for your sets by running them through the curves (in this case, an S curve too). The minimum for the trailers and the motors could be different and the type of coupler also matters.

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