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running direction of EF510-1 reversed


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First I thought this was the truest expression of tetsudou mania I'd seen in a while--someone noticed that EF510-1 was taken to Umekoji (from Suita, not its home base of Toyama) to be turned 180 degress.  Is this for wheel wear?  Or maybe for repair purposes, as it wasn't driven there under its own power?  But then, it seems common to use a DE10 or whatever to move other locos around.  Handy having Umekoji available, else they'd have wye it somewhere.




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The only thing I can think of it that one of the cabs had a failure and the control could not be used.  So it was turned 180 degree to be able to return to is home depot.

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I'd be surprised if there was nowhere close by in the Osaka area where they could have towed it around a wye or loop but a quick run down the main line to Umekoji might have involved less timetabling issues.

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