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Hello from the Bay Area!

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Got my first Kato sets - Bullet Train Series 0 and TGV back in the mid 90's and have always been a fringe train collector rather than a model railroader and picked up a set here and there when it was available at Franciscan Hobbies in SF.  I have a lot of the Kato American passenger trains and have recently rekindled my love for Japanese trains.  Now I'm hooked especially after discovering Model Train Plus, Loco1Hobby and Hobby Search.  In the past month I acquired 3 Kato sets, 2 Tomix sets, 1 Microace, and 3 Kato Locomotives.  And along with that got the Orient Express with locomotive and the Kato Series 200 Bullet train on Ebay. 


Glad to know there's a community out there with the same interest and thankful for the internet and JNS Forum for bringing us together.  Would love to connect with other people in the Bay Area and share our passion for Japanese Trains or just trains in general and I'm looking for a place to run my trains.  I'm getting tired of just seeing them run around in circles but at the same time just love looking at these fine models.  






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Welcome Junior!


Glad to hear another japan train modeler in the Bay Area! AsiaNrails does a number of shows around the Bay Area, have you already be in touch with them yet? That would be a great way to get in touch with folks interested in the area.


I grew up in Oakland and Monterey and was at grad school in Berkeley and lived in Oakland later, but have been i the DC area since 2001.


Look forward to seeing you on the forum here!





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