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Hobby/model shops in western Tokyo

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"Kiyahobby" near Ogikubo station on the Chuo line. General model/hobby shop which sells some model railway stuff. I haven't been there - Mrs. Squid came across it and took a look - from what she says prices don't sound particularly cheap. Not sure if the listed prices include sales tax.


Homepage: http://kiyahobby.co.jp/

Address: 東京都杉並区上荻1丁目16-16喜屋ビル6階

Hours: daily 10am - 8pm

Google street view: http://goo.gl/maps/eiIen (on the 6th floor of the building with the "Aoki" sign).


Yodobashi Camera in Kichijoji. A couple of aisles of model railway stuff, mainly Kato/Tomix with a few Microace items. Some scenic items, buildings, spare parts. Not the widest or best-curated selection but it's my nearest model shop and mightily convenient. All Yodobashi prices *include* sales tax; don't forget the point card which gives an effective 10% discount on most stuff.


Homepage: http://www.yodobashi-kichijoji.com/

Hours: daily 10am - 10pm

Google street view: http://goo.gl/maps/ju3xR


My Hobby Kyosan (マイホビーキョーサン) in Tachikawa, short walk from Tachikawa station (north side). Bigger than you'd think from looking at the building, good range of Japanese and Euopean N, some Japanese HO, lots of scenic items. Not really worth trailing all the way out to Tachikawa unless you're going in that direction.


Homepage: http://www.kyosan.net/

Hours: generally 10:30am - 8pm, closed Tuesdays but see website for exact schedule

Google street view: https://goo.gl/maps/1iwxA7Rij7s


Poppondetta Hachioji in the Keio Hachioji station complex, I haven't visited this store but looks like a typical in-department-store Poppondetta branch (i.e. not really worth visiting unless you're in the area)


Homepage: http://www.popondetta.com/hachioji/

Hours: daily 10am - 9pm

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Updated to add My Hobby Kyosan and Poppondetta Hachioji

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