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Keihin Tohoku Line e233 track monitor

bikkuri bahn

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Spotted yesterday at Yokohama Station, an e233 set in revenue service (not a test/maintenence train) on the Keihin Tohoku Line, with an intermediate car equipped with a track monitoring device, which includes an LED setup with camera, and a laser device, to detect track irregularities and conditions.  It makes for a little light show at night. 


somebodys's video:



JR East press release:



*these trains will run until March, between Ofuna and Omiya.  If you are in the area in the evening, keep a lookout for them.

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I would expect with all the computing and sensing equipment getting smaller and smaller that you could see this happening. Have a number of these going at all times and you would get more coverage as well as data from the actual operating equipment during normal use times. Makes sense.


Bet some garage manufacturer has made an accessory set for these already! Put in a button cell and have it lit up as well.



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makes sense as the track inspection machine take up time, space and money.  having your revenue services doing the same job, means you save all 3.


as for modelling.  having a red led facing downwards.  running on the same lighting system as the Doc Yellows pan inspection lights have.

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