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Kinki Sharyo to build new Hibiya Line cars

bikkuri bahn

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This Thursday, Nov. 6, Kinki Sharyo announced it had received an order from Tokyo Metro for replacement stock for the Hibiya Line.  The order is for a total of 294 cars, to be arranged in 42 trainsets.  They will be delivered over a period of three years, from FY2016 to FY2019.  Current Hibiya Line rolling stock is operated in 8 car consists, each car being 18m long with either three or five doors per side.  The new rolling stock will be 20m long, have 4 doors/side, and operate in 7 car consists. 




*I'm glad Kinki Sharyo got the order, I like many of their designs, which will give (hopefully) a more Kansai aesthetic to Tokyo area rolling stock, which tends to be dominated by slightly cheapy feeling Tokyu Sharyo/J-Trec or Hitachi.

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Yeah, hopefully it won't be the E23x style which is becoming so dominant. I wonder if Tobu will be upgrading their vehicles at any point.

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Assuming Tobu will also be making announcement for new rolling stock for it.  Tokyo metro placed order means both Metro and Tobu had agreed with the specification/requirement for the new rolling stock.


Too early to wonder but just curious where Tobu is going to dump those current 20000/20050...

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