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JR Central liveries


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While i was looking at various trains and trying to find matching liveries around Japan, mostly from the JNR days, i've stumbled upon the orange on white paint of JR Central trains. Not all of them use it however. (the second most common is its predecessor the shonan stripes on white)


I found the following:

-KiHa 25 (commuter dmu sets)

-KiHa 75 (commuter dmu sets)

-KiHa 85 (limited express dmu sets /Wide View Hida/)

-311 series (commuter emu sets)

-313 series (commuter emu sets)

-373 series (express emu sets)

-383 series (limited express emu sets /Wide View Shinano/)






The question is does any other train use this livery? Also, does JR Central plan to standardize on this paint in the future?

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You mean does any other company use colors like this? Well, JR East's E233s for use on the Chuo Line have orange stripes. Other than that I can't think of anything that looks like JR Central equipment.


I'd say JR Central's livery is pretty standardized. I suppose the KIHA85, 373, 383 are a little different, they have that brown band behind the windows, I guess this is for Limited Express rolling stock. And the 313-8000 have stainless steel-looking fascia.

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(Almost) all pre-stainless steel trains of JR Central are now painted cream with the same orange stripes so far I know.

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Orange is the colour of JR Central so...


Come to think of it, the orange strips do look kinda nice on white. Like Miyakoji san mentioned, the only other Orange stripe would be the Chuo Line on JR East, which only came in when the rolling stocks are changed to the E233s I think. The previous Chuo Lines are using Full Orange painted 201 series...

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