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Japanese Train Timetables

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OK, so one can search wikipedia for special trains, expresses and the like, and one can view Hyperdia for fantastic timetable suggestions... but if you then want to see what else is departing/arriving you will only see the same trains of that type in the same direction... it requires some guesswork to then work out different trains in the opposite directions.. etc...


So, what I'm getting to is... is there a site that has, per station, the comings and goings of all trains at certain times...


For example, if I was in Aomori (thanks to the NihonKai) and travelling through to Higashi-Muroran (to jump on the Twilight Express) from 8:30am to 3:46pm then I'd love to know where to stop (I can work out how to stop with Hyperdia) but I'd love to know what's coming through at what times, etc... and where to be when.


I'll continue my efforts of working out which trains travel through on wikipedia, searching for them on Hyperdia (or with my current "Kantan" pocket timetable) but .. I was hoping someone had links to much easier sources of information.


Thanks in advance.

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bikkuri bahn

Unfortunately, if you're restricted to English language sites, the options are limited.  If you use Jorudan's Japanese site, you can get timetables for specific stations in both up and down directions.  Using Higashi-Muroran Station as an example, you can call up a menu with all the lines/trains serving that station:




1. Select "Jikokuhyo" tab

2. Type in "Higashi Muroran" in kanji and click

3. Select the line/service you want

Then, if you select "Muroran Hon Sen", you can get the trains going in both up direction (towards Sapporo), or down (towards Hakodate).  Note that you must select "Twilight Express" in the previous step to see the schedule for that train at this station.


Of course, the absolute best system for planning itineraries is the full size JTB timetable.  In the end, a paper timetable (and familiarity with its use) beats any computer system for ease (and speed). And you can carry it around with you on your travels!

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Thanks heaps!

This is perfect... easy to use too... but it's just told me everything I already know...

I wonder where the freight timetables are  ;D

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bikkuri bahn

Thanks heaps!

This is perfect... easy to use too... but it's just told me everything I already know...

I wonder where the freight timetables are  ;D


There is a published freight train timetable:



(select the light green "jikokuhyo" on the left column)


As far as online freight timetables, I don't know if there are complete ones, but you can find partial/regional ones on personal websites, like this Kawasaki-centered one:



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Woo hoo... first purchase in Japan when I get there... I'm sure the bookstore at ShinOsaka will have a copy!


Now, that I've been searching and understand a little more Kanji:


I think it was Martjin who brought up 'diamonds' previously? Check out this application:


And then grab some data files: [America, Japan:Hankyu,Kobe,etc...]



If you want the Timetables as you used to see on JR Platforms, then use the map to navigate to your station here:



Meanwhile I can't write in Kanji on my work laptop and will continue digging tonight.

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