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9 slides showing shinkansen information, history


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Here's an interesting website hosted by NHK showing 9 slides.  They are:


  1. title slide
  2. short history
  3. time in hours required for transit from Tokyo to Osaka, 1889 to 2045
  4. ridership in 1000s of passenger
  5. diagram showing departures per hour from Tokyo for 4 different years
  6. rolling stock types in fleet, 1987 to 2012.  500 series appears to absent, not sure why.  JR Central only?
  7. average lateness by two-tenths of a minute, 1987 to 2013.  I wonder what happened in 1990 and 2003.
  8. more text, info about operation, safety, future of network
  9. closing slide



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I like slide #5, I'm a daiya freak :)


*it's very interesting to see the 2014 daiya pattern, how the Nozomi services are grouped in pairs or threes, which is quite different from the interval service patterns on zairaisen main lines with a mix of local and ltd. express services

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