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JR Central 371 series, former Asagiri - last run Nov 30


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Looks like the JR Central 371 series has its last run coming up.  Used until March 2012 on the Asagiri service that interchanged with Odakyu, it was used on "Nakasendo Train" service, running between Nagoya and Narai on the Chuo Line, as well as charter services since autumn 2012.


This series consists of only 1 7-car train.  It was built in 1991, but appears to be in fine condition.  I'm not sure what to expect but I will be a bit shocked if it's actually scrapped.


btw, DAJF doesn't have this on Wikipedia yet :grin





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Yes, 1991.


Hopefully they'll keep a couple for the railway museum. I believe there is room to grow the collection.

:( I had a more active future in mind for this series, even if only 3 or 4 cars. :) Edited by miyakoji
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Given the age of the trainset--some 23 years old--and the fact it was a unique design, no wonder why JR East plans to scrap the trainset unless it gets donated to a museum. 

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Is this train a truely unique design or shares at least some common engineering parts with other trains? I'm talking about bogies, motors, traction equipment. It seems very unlikely that it's a completly on of a kind design with unique parts only, unless it was built as some kind of a prototype. Knowing the fate of most unique trains, i also think they'll just scrap it.

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According to this news site, there are rumors that Fuji Kyuko Rlwy is interested in acquiring the 371 series trainset.



If the loading gauge of the train allows it to travel to the Fujikyu Otsuki Line all the way to at least Fujisan Station, then this private railway operator might just buy the trainset for use during the summer months.

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Fujikyu will indeed get the JR Central 371 series train, albeit in 3-car formation.  It will enter service sometime next year as the successor to the 2000 series Fujisan.  The photo in the link below was taken January 14, 1991 at Shizuoka Depot.




My guess: they will likely dispose of the two bi-level cars and keep the rest, with three cars normally running and two kept in reserve.

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Former JRC 371 (all 7 cars) in tow:




Rokugo to Shimada:


Mochimune to Yaizu, and at Araimachi with YO8630:


Arriving at Nagoya:


I thought this formation was already around the Nagoya area; they must have moved it east at some point.  I assume JRC will scrap 4 cars then haul the rest over (or around) the mountain to Otsuki.  Will that "Mt. FuJi Face" livery be applied before or after? :)

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I have this feeling they won't scrap any of the cars of this trainset. They're probably being sent to a place somewhere in the Nagoya area (maybe even Nippon Sharyo?) to be rebuilt as cars for the Fuji Kyuko Railway, with a few cars kept as spares.

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