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NHK World - Japanology Plus - Shinkansen


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HHhmmm I think it's a new episode too, since the old one was talking more about the past, like Tadanao Miki san and Tadashi Matsudaira san on the initial bullet train concept, along with little bits on hobby train, and the famous bullet train photographer Kunihiko Tsuji san.


This episode should have more insights about the Tokaido line, judging from the N700 behind Peter Barakan. Perhaps a trip to the Maglev park and an insight in the Shinkansen Tokaido yard?  


Anyhow, would like to watch this too...

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Last one done the 700s didn't exist.  I think the 300s were the most modern in it.  Great to see an updated episode.  Shinkansen has come along was in the past 9 years.

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There are many of the Japanology series episodes on YouTube including railways, subways, and shinkansens.  Many of the other episodes that are not train related are also very interesting.  Where I live in California one of the PBS stations carry NHK World full time on one of their digital sub channels.

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