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Mandarake Online World Shop -- a good place for used trains


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I  bought two trains from Mandarake in 2019, both times SAL small packet registered  shipping was 1690 Yen. But that is not available now.

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The Next Station Is...

I've bought from Mandarake many times and under normal circumstances, I've not found their shipping prices to be much different from other hobby shop sites. There was one exception though and that was for my 'urban mine' auction items - I don't think they list train items under that system and I think I was caught out by volumetric weight for the items I bought. 

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47 minutes ago, bill937ca said:


I know those as they don't differ any to the general Japan Post shipping methods available at the moment.


@The Next Station Is... Thank you for your input, this is exactly what I was asking for and now I can happily order what I wanted to get from there without worrying about being hit with a huge shipping fee 😄

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8 hours ago, katoftw said:

Seems to be zero model train related items available

That's why I said that they're grabbing choice items. The item I bought from them via ebay was a rare card game accessory, but that ebay listing when I searched in their system showed up. I suspect that if one of their outlets gets any anime-wrapped trains in (ie EVA Shinkansen), they may show up on the ebay store.  


Edit2: sample search with the word "train" https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/i.html?_dmd=2&_ssn=mandarake&store_cat=0&store_name=mandarake&_oac=1&_nkw=train at the time of searching brought up Plarail, B-shorties and Super Sentai toys

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forgot an example train
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