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E259 Narita Express purchase.


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I would like to add that the Kato ones have been dropped tested on concrete from 5 feet off the ground by Western Australia's top scientist*, found to be still working after fitting a new pantograph only.

*Not really, he is a chuffing moron, that Davo...

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In the Japanese hobby, the "Basic Sets" are generally shorter trains than the full prototype set. To get the train up to the right length, use the "Add-on Sets". The quality is the same high standard. The Western idea of Basic Sets as simpler models are sold in ways that are usually obviously aimed at younger children, like Kato's Kokuden sets or PocketLine.


For example, my Shinkansen fleet includes 2 Kato E2-1000 "Hayate" sets, one is unit J68, made of the 10-278 &10-279. The other is unit J59, which Kato released as a limited run (catalogue number 10-868) with the vinyl decorations that were placed on the train to celebrate the re-opening of the Tohoku Shinkansen after the earthquake in 2011.


The physical and mechanical specs of both trains are still the same as Kato's high level DCC Friendly sets.

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Great guys. Much thanks. I'm going with the 3 car set from Kato, and get the 3 car add on later since I have a budget that I will stick too, or I will be broke every month.  :sad1:  I didn't knew there is another E259. Guess I have to get this one too, since I love the design.

I did the same thing: purchased the Kato 3 car then later got the 3 car add on.  It's a beautiful train, runs well at slow speeds (and fast) and I had no problem with connecting the cars.  Enjoy!

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The coupler is pretty common accross Kato models.  Last week I ran a consist of my Kyushu 813s, the imperial car from the E655 and the E259, 15 cars of complete non prototypical madness.

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hehehe.... Kato, I did something similar with coupling a 10-car E231 to the original 253 Series N'EX.... Since they both have Kato's working Shibata couplers on the cab ends!

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I got the Kato one, I've purchased the 3 cars set + the add cars. I don't see a difference in quality. I've preferred the Kato to the Tomix for the coupling and the reproduced dampers & wires / airflows between cars (if I don't mind Tomix has go an Arnold coupler). What I love too at Kato are the nice black wheels. 


Below some pictures (some of them for sending to RG-Rokko to make sure I was ordering the right part to replace the broken ones)











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I just bought a used 6 car set off ebay. Unfortunately the seller had to cancel my order because he found a defect in the set.😖

Kudos to him for spotting it and being an honest seller. I thanked him by picking up his 883 Sonic 7 car set! 

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