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cycling along with a DD51


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This looks like a new concept to me, and it's really well done: filming a train while bicycling along side it. Yes, it's not going very fast. But still, I don't know how he got the video so steady. It's amazing. Also some footage of a draw bridge. By RailKingJP.


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Oh wow interesting! Wow done RailKing JP! I subscribe to his channel too~ Steady hands on the bike!

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bikkuri bahn

The bascule bridge at Yokkaichi.  I was at this location a few years back- the train runs very slowly so you can get quite a few pictures, even from a stationary point such as around the tangent stretch beyond the bridge in the Yokkaichi Sta. direction.

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Many cameras today have very good steady shot facilities, I can shoot at full zoom with my current camera and it is hard to tell it is not hand held.

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