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JR Shikoku KIRO47 Iyo-nada Monogatari

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Overshadowed no doubt by the news about JR East's new E235 series, here's JR Shikoku's new cruise train, the Iyo-nada Monogatari.  Based on a two-car KIHA47 set, these have been redesignated KIRO, RO indicating Green Car, as far as I know.  They're still numbered as 47s, 1400 subseries.  Service will start July 26th.  The livery is tasteful, I think, and I really like the interior and bentos :).




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I like it! The livery is nice, two tone colours are always tasteful to the eyes (when done in a right way), like the Ibusuki-No-Tamatebako.


N scale Model please?

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It's nice. Kyushu have had success with their old 140s and 47s, so dont see why other companies cannot have the same success.

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Given how successful JR Kyushu modified a number of old KiHa 40/47 DMU's into excursion trainsets, I'm actually a little surprised that JR Shikoku didn't didn't do this earlier.

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It is very nice! Interior has a sort of classy 60s feel to it. I like the color choices, some care went in them and there is a bit of pearlesence in the paint job that also gives it a subtle pop and class to make it stand out as more of a special train.


A model of this one would be very nice!



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I like the striping in the livery. and in general i just like the prototypes body shape and design.


I might try ride on it next year.

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Well, Microace did the Setouchi Marine View http://www.microace-arii.co.jp/products/img/A6070_p.jpg




Yes indeed, but having missed it on pre-order it's very hard and expensive to get it now.... The thing about these special 2-car sets from MA is they always seem to disappear very fast and get inflated prices quickly, like the Ibusuki-No-Tamatebako, the former Isaburo-Shinpei, Setouchi Marine View, etc.


So lesson learnt not going to miss these nice 2-car sets now, like the awaiting 'Misuzu-Shiosai' on pre-order..  :)

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Shame I missed it by a couple of months. Only saw a head of one poking out of the shop and a ton of posters all over the JR-S stations touting its impending arrival.

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like the Ibusuki-No-Tamatebako, the former Isaburo-Shinpei,

Got the Ibusuki-No-Tamebako from hobby search last Feburary for 9,270 yen ($90USD).


Still waiting on my 3 car Isaburo-Shinpei pre order though...


But you are right about the pre orders. Either pre order a train you want, or wait a minimum for 3 years to get it again. OR pay 2-3X it's original value.

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