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Scratch building a station? Need inspiration? Why not the canopy at the Denver Union Station?


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I subscribe to archdaily on FB and thought it was a good idea to share this with members of the forum. There is a lot of work to scratch build this structure. But, it will be really cool to model this. It has a open section that allows viewing from the top and will look good lighted up! I have added a pic with lights...


More details can be found at http://www.archdaily.com/506815/denver-union-station-som/





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I forgot to mention that it will easily look good in a urban Japanese setting as well....:)

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It's a nice station, but not prototypical to a Japanese setting. In general Japanese stations are very standard and boring. Hardly any canopies are used, and if used, only on private railway stations (generally speaking).


The nicest canopies I have seen so far were the ones used on the Tōkyū network in, for example, Hatanodai (http://www.kajima.co.jp/project/works/ex/200803tqoim.html) and the upper level of Keisei Nippori http://ranshi2.way-nifty.com/blog/2014/04/--d050.html

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This is a very interesting and unpractical roof. The idea behind platform roofs is to get the travelers from the station's door to the train's door without getting wet. The idea that the main roof is purely decorational and the platform roofs are too narrow to reach the edges of the trains is rather strange. Also, extra bonus points for leaving the old station building standing. The roof design is nice, but functionality wise it's rather useless. But at least you can cleary see the trains and the platforms from above because nothing covers them.



ps: for a japanese station with a retrofitted roof, check the Osaka main station, and for a newly built european prototype, the Berlin main station





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Thank you toni and kvp...i have seen the Berlin station pictures before too....and i liked it too...

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Mudkip Orange

Denver is crap.


They had a through station until the 90's when they made it a stub because hey, it's just the one stupid Amtrak train.


Then they decided to do a whole ton of commuter rail with FastTraks, they are going to have 15-minute headways using FRA compliant EMUs (the same Hyundai-Rotem EMUs that SEPTA commissioned as "Silverliner V"s).


So they're rebuilding the whole station and the whole district around it to have all this commuter rail but they are leaving it as a frigging stub terminal. So any potential through-running to Colorado Springs (well within the commutershed with 100mph EMUs) is just right out. Unless they wanna knock down a bunch of yuppie condos that just got built.


In addition they moved the LRT platform from being adjacent to the station to being in a different part of the district 300 yards away. So anyone transfering has to do a long walk along this outdoor "promenade." In a city where it frigging snows.


Just crap planning all around.

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Mudkip, do you know when they're getting their version of the SLV? Will there be any significant differences to SEPTA's version?

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Mudkip Orange

The first three lines (west/gold, airport, 225) are supposed to open in 2016, you can see the construction in Google Maps now.


RTD devolved a lot of the specs to the private entity (Eagle P3), so I'd wager that they'll be nearly identical... less spec changes = less cost/testing requirements. The one bad CGI I saw even had three-across seating.

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