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Lighting the tail lights of a DE10


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I installed a Digitrax DN163 in my Kato HO scale DE10. Everything works fine so far but now I want working tail lights, too. There are 3 free function outputs left on the decoder and I want to be able to switch on/off both front tail lights, both rear tail lights and - now comes the difficult part - the front right tail light together with the rear left tail light (for switching).
I came up with the following wiring diagram, which shows only the wiring for the front taillights: post-225-0-63473700-1400154475_thumb.png
Will this work? Or is there a better way to do it?

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This is a didode logic OR connection. You might need another diode on the swiching leg so the bottom led gets the same voltage regardless of the active function. Also if you want to control 4 lights, then these diodes will separate the front switching light from the rear one.


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