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NHK World - Seasoning the Seasons April 30 - Randen (Keifuku tram in Kyoto)


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Just saw the program; was pretty nice. It covered all kind of things along the Randen line from geisha to guitar shops to beautiful scenery.

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Maybe Lee can record it for us? ^_^ ;)

Sorry, I meant to check whether anyone was interested in this. I did record it, and the one this week. I was expecting this to be the second part of the first one though, but it had a different presenter, so I am a bit confused by what happened.


Actually, I have just noticed I must have missed the second part of the first programme... sorry, this is a really stressful time of year for me, so I hadn't even noticed it had been two weeks since the first episode had aired. I can also miss this sometimes, as it always makes me think of a cooking programme. :(

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Hopefully they will replay it here - I just set up the series for DVR recording.  I'd love to see this!

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I didn't know the video exsisted until this thread was bumped up by you and I google it.  I hope you enjoyed it.  I found it a very intimate look at the Randen and its users.  Was very interesting to see their side of the story.

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