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Perpetual JR Aizu Wakamatsu Screen Shot Thread

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Ah, 485-series Aizu Liner Akabei…so cute…


Got lucky. I just logged on as it was a dim red dot heading toward the station.  Is there another platform off to the left. I keep seeing people walking that way.

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From what I understand, yes there is another platform to the left, off-camera.


And, sure enough, I fire up the webcam, and there's Akabei again!


BTW, for those who don't know what all this is about:

JR Aizu Wakamatsu station on the West Banetsu line has an awesome webcam:



Sometimes you can find great trains here, like the steam-hauled Banetsu Monogatari.


More on the station


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yes another couple of tracks to the left. thats where the steam train comes in so you never see it except for some black smoke sometimes and of course the whistle!


A few of my old waka friends were:


the old janitor with a very bad limp. he use to go around the platforms between trains sweeping up bits of trash. you could hear him coming as when his bad leg would drag he would also drag his dust pan so you heard this scrape-klunk-scrape-klunk-scrape... he seems to have been transfered or retired a couple of years ago. he looked ancient but dutifully kept everything spotless.


the conductor that would sneak over to the corner of the platform in the far bottom right to smoke a very fast cig between trains. he would wait till no one was around smoke fast and look around furtively and dash back. i suspect he was not sposta be taking a cig break just then and did not realize there was a web cam there! this went on for a couple of months like three years back and then he too disappeared! maybe a supervisor got a look at the web cam and he was busted!


the large spider that would spin a web every night over half the lens. next morning i guess there was someone that would notice it on the web cam, go up clear it and the next night the spider was back! battle lasted a few weeks. like to think the spider went onto a better spot on the roof and the attendant climbing the ladder didnt thumb him out of existence!


the bird that i think must have nested just behind the web cam a few springs back as the chirping and singing was very loud, non stop and happening right at the camera!


the scrolling led screens at night can at times be mesmerizing...


i love having the waka feed running on the second computer screen. like having a small window on japan there. i have it on for quite a while then falls off and later i get back into it. way to much time looking at those platforms, but a nice eye break from work on the main screen! new feed is cleaner but it does hang in quicktime after a few hours, but im sure if i had to handle wmv for hours on end i would hang as well...


ill have to start grabbing some frame grabs and post.





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From what I understand, yes there is another platform to the left, off-camera.


BTW: I caught your beloved JR Class 110 on platform two this morning. Sadly I was rushing to the Jeep dealer and hadn't grabbed a screen shot to post.

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Duhhhh...is there some way to get sound and video on this webcam? All I see is a  still picture.


[edit: never mind, it seems to be working now. not sure what the problem was before.]

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1720 EST - 0720 JPN


Right after the last train pulled out, (see pic above) the station was quiet. then this guy arrived. A second train set was 30 seconds behind him, and they hooked up. I love a good love story. Whoops here comes a train on the other platform.

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