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What unlikely releases do you want?

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That's fair! I do like some of the "odder" releases, I guess, like the Chiba (though not sure what scale that is) and Tokyo monorail models even if you can't necessarily run them (without rigging something up yourself, at least). One of the things I really want is a maintenance vehicle like one of the MTTs by Greenmax, for example.

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For "150 Years Rails in japan" Anniversary in 2022:


The first Japanese Train


JGR Class 150 with some Coaches and Freight Cars from 1872.

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One that has annoyed me since getting into Japanese trains is that no one - not Kato, not Tomix, not MicroAce, not Greenmax, not even Popondetta - makes anything from JR Shikoku besides the Shikoku 2000 series(and 2000 TSE and N2000). The only others I’ve found are this Tomytec set with the 1000 and 1200 series. While I don’t like those ones as much, I love the 2600, 2700, and 8600 series, so none of them being available is annoying. 

Interestingly enough, though, with a desperate google search I found this:




Apparently the body is made of paper, and only the front is metal?? And apparently it can be run with DC as well?

“[Products required for completion]
- Coreless motor power unit made by GM Power unit 21 m class (No.5712)
- Power bogie frame substitutes for Kiha 200 etc.
- DT50 etc when assembling as a T car.
- Close-up TN coupler (0337) and others.”
(Taken from Shikoku 1500 series 7th batch)


That said, I would still like a main brand release of JR Shikoku.

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There are a lot more JR Shikoku sets than just the 2000 series. You must mean recent trains.


Tomix produced:

-Kiha 40 and 47

-Kiha 185

-Series 5000 ‘Marine liner’


Micro Ace

-Kiha 32

-Kiha 47

-Kiha 54

-Kiha 185

-Setoshi Bridge joyful trains

-115 series

-121 series

-213 series old Marine liner

-2000 and N2000 series

-8000 series

-DE10 hauled joyful train


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8 diffirent Shikoku based train sets been released so far in 2021.

3 set currently up for pre-order.


KIHA32 Kaiyodo Hobby Train `Ultra Train-go` (Model Train) 


KIHA54 w/Skirt + KIHA32 Round Head Light J.R. Shikoku Color Two Car Set (2-Car Set) (Model Train) 


J.R. Series KIHA185 Limited Express Diesel Car (Revival J.N.R. Color) Set (2-Car Set) (Model Train) 


KIHA54 + TORA45000 `Shiman Torocco Go` Expansion Skirt Two Car Set (2-Car Set) (Model Train) 


J.R. Diesel Train Type KIHA40-2000 (J.R. Shikoku Color) (M) (Model Train) 


J.R. Diesel Train Type KIHA47-0 (J.R. Shikoku Color) Set (2-Car Set) (Model Train) 


KIHA32 Third Generation Kaiyodo Hobby Train (Model Train) 


Series KIHA185 `Island Express Shikoku II` Three Car Set (3-Car Set) (Model Train) 


J.R. Suburban Train Series 223-5000 / Series 5000 `Marine Liner` Set F (6-Car Set) (Model Train) 


J.R. Suburban Train Series 223-5000 / Series 5000 `Marine Liner` Set E (5-Car Set) (Model Train) 


J.R. Series KIHA185 Limited Express Diesel Car (J.R. Shikoku Color) Additional Set (Add-On 2-Car Set) (Model Train) 


J.R. Series KIHA185 Limited Express Diesel Car (J.R. Shikoku Color) Standard Set (Basic 4-Car Set) (Model Train) 


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On 10/12/2021 at 12:02 PM, railsquid said:

Maybe MicroAce might re-release theirs:



MicroAce Class E ( by Rail Squid, on Flickr


(though it's 1:120 scale; might be challenging to produce a 1:150 version, unless the motor is hidden in the leading coach).

the scale would be perfect for my TT scale New Zealand railways layout. NZR had a very similar loco as well, back in the day. Courtesy of Wikipedia.    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NZR_D_class_(1874)#/media/File:D_Class_steam_locomotive,_NZR_no_197,_2-4-0T_type,_at_Lower_Hutt,_1906._ATLIB_277767.png

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