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Begin Japanology, March 6 2014 - Railways


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Nice ¬ Just caught the 1230pm show, late so missed the front portion. Gonna catch it again later. But interesting to see an increasing number of female tetchans!

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thanks for the link...

I found other programs but the railway models not! May be will be possible to watch it in the future?

Can you write the direct link?

Many thanks.

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You can watch virtually every NHK show online here: http://www.bestofnhk.tv/


To watch the Railways episode of Begin Japanology, just scroll down through the first menu to 2014-03-06 Begin Japanology Railways.


Fantastic! That's cool! Thanks!

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Thanks for sharing both the information and the good quality video. I have just watched it (and wanted to go back to Japan badly). :)

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