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Trains in anime/manga

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On 2/8/2019 at 7:02 AM, Kiha66 said:

Later a two car EMU crosses a different bridge in another transition scene.  No idea what it is, looks like non JNR rolling stock at the very least.


From a close observation, it looks like a squashed-up, un-proportioned 155 series in shonan colors, altough these never ran in 2-car sets.

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Could be, looks like a cross between a kumoha 42 set and the 155 series you mentioned.

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17 hours ago, Kiha66 said:

 in Messenger Fox of the Gods.  


What's the anime like? Recommend it?

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It's comfy and cute.  A young girl grows up in a shrine in modern Tokyo with messenger of inari as a friend.   Not much deep plot but enjoyable enough to watch.

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A Chernobyl-ized norwgian NSB EL17 electric locomotive (Henschel-NEBB, 1982) with matching B3-type carriages

in Pokemon: Giratina and the Sky Warriors (2008)

(was airing on TV, found by accident while zapping)


Before the radiations

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What I'd guess is a 209 of some sort on the Chūō-Sōbu line in Fruits Basket.  So far the characters never ride a train but it shows up in the background of some late night city scenes.  In this case it makes enough noise to distract the drunk salary men from noticing one of the main characters turning into a rat behind them.


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Miscellany from various series or movies i've been watching in this period:


Fumikiri Jikan (Crossing Time) - 2018


This wery short anime (each episode is only 4 minutes long) is set at railway crossings.


Either a Seibu 9000 series or later-batch 2000 series ("New 2000") is the first train to appear. Right in the intro.


Said 9000/New2000 is also the first to be actually seen running, in episode 1. It has a blue (empty) headmark. 

(the same train is also seen in the last episdoe, wich is set in the same location)


Episode 2 fetaures a Tobu 30000 series


Episode 3 fetaures an E235 passing trough the only remaining Yamanote Line level crossing (the one between Tabata and Komagome stations).


Said E235 appears to have been repainted in Seibu colors for episode 4.


Episode 5 is set on the Tobu Kameido Line and fetaures Tobu 8000 series set No.8577 in the commemorative red/orange liviery...


... and set No.8568 in it's own commemorative Green/White liviery.


Episode 6 fetaures a Tobu 500 series "Revaty". These trains were only a year and a month old at the time of this episode.


Episode 7 fetaures an E231-1000 at what could be the crossing just south of Shinjuku station...


... wich appears to have gangwayed cabs!


Episode 9 fetaures a Toden Arakawa Line Maroon-liveried 7700 series tram (either unit 7706, 7707 or 7708)...


and a yellow/blue liveried 7500 series with anachronistic LED destination indicators.


Episode 10 (set in the same location as EP.9) fetaures a Toden 7700 series.

It was actually retired on the 10th of June 2017, one year and one day before the release of this episode.


Persona 5: The Animation - 2018

They appear to have used just one (3D?) train model (based on the Tokyu 5000 series, but with 3 instead of 4 doors per car and with diamond pantographs instead of the correct single arm-ones) wich gets repainted according to the line it's seen on.


Here's as a correct Tokyu Toyoko Line 5050 series. This scene is the only one where the front of this train can be (partially) seen

In the original game (wich also had anime-style cutscenes) the train crashing in this scene was depicted as a JR 209-500 series in an orange liviery, closely resembling the Musashino Line one.


Wait. Is that poster on the left column the front of a Bandai B-Shorty Hanzomon Line 08 series box?

Yes it is indeed.


As said before, this Tokyu 5050 series model is used for wathever line is depicted in this series, so it will also appear...


... as a Keihin-Touhoku Line E233-1000...


... Yamanote Line E231-500...


... a blue-colored train at Shibuya station underground platforms (standing in for a wrongly-colored Hanzomon Line train?) ...

(here you can also clearly see it has three doors per car instead of four)


... a Chuo-Sobu Line 209-500/E231-900/E231-0/E231-500...

(here you can see it has wrong diamond-shaped pantographs. They're also placed too far towards the center of the carriage)


... and even as a Ginza Line 1000 series.


The other train visible in this series is DeHa 50001 of the Tokyu 5000 series (the original one from 1954) wich was cut in half and it's now used as a tourist information office in Shibuya.

Altough here, it appears to be oo much squared (compared to the original one). It also has the wrong doors.


Jin-Roh ("The Wolf Brigade") - 1999


Right in the opening scene, the first rail vehicle to appear is this knackered, unidentified tram. Somebody knows more?


also in the opening scene, there is a derailed JNR 63 series EMU. A possible reference to the 1949 Mitaka Incident?


As the movie is set in the mid-50s to (actually) early-60s Tokyo, the most common rail vehicle seen is the Toden 6000 series:


unit 6103 on Route 1


unit 6291 (the last Toden 6000 series unit to be built) on non-existent route 43


unit 62XX and 7500 series unit 7515 on routes 25 and 5 respectively.


A JNR 101 series (1957) on the Chuo Line.



Toei Bus Isuzu BA 741 (1959)



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