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Trains in anime/manga


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On 3/2/2014 at 11:29 PM, Kabutoni said:

I think it's more of an incapable translator and letterer who don't know how station signs look, rather than legal issues. :p


Being a city name, I doubt they would get sued.   Probably the O is long (O with the line on top) and in some systems, that uses a double letter to signify long, instead of Ou as in other systems.   Sloppy work.

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I don't know if anyone has mentioned it, but I stumbled across a Doraemon episode where the gang turn their house into a train and end up fighting some sort of train thief (with a huge collection of real trains). Don't remember the title though and haven't found it again since.


Edit, I think it might be this one http://doraemon.wikia.com/wiki/Nobita_Express_and_the_Mystery_of_the_Train_Hunter

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Think I found it!
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For those interested, Takara Tomy is releasing episodes of Shinkalion on their YouTube channel. It's a kid's animation where Shinkalion transform into mechanical suits. My son kind of likes it xD



Of course, the trains are fairly accurate because it's made in corporation with JR East.

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The episodes play in a loop at the Kyoto train museum. My kids seemed interest enough in it.


edit/ It might have been Omiya.

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Found just by accident this obscure horror/thriller/comedy OVA from 1987:


"Take the X Train" ("X Densha De Ikou")


The plot revolves around EF58 61, wich suddently becomes a ghost and starts running uncontrolled.


In the first scene, during a marketing meeting, it's proposed to use EF58 61 as the locomotive of choice for a "retro-styled" tourist train.

It's also correctly stated that it was used as the locomotive for the imperial train.






By chance, the project manager happens to be a railway enthusiast.




In the background on the left a poster of the EF58 and on the right a shelf with model trains (from top to bottom: unidentified Bo-Bo loco, EF81, D51 and a postwar-type blue passenger car).


In the foreground, the black box on the left is supposed to be a power controller and on the right the model of an EF58.


Here we see the model of the EF58 running.




On the top left quarter of the screen there's an issue of the Japan Railfan Magazine, wich has a Yamanote line 205 series on the front page and intrestingly enough, it's missing it's Year, but the issue number is present, 13, wich is impossible since the Japan Railfan Magazine numbers it's issues with a year and a number from 1 to 12 indicating the month.


Another shot of the model EF58 running on what seems to be the old brown tomix tracks.

Also visible on the top left quarter of the screen is a TAKI900-type tank car still with it's Mitsubishi Cement logo.




An important scene happens at Yotsuya-Sanchome station on the Maronouchi line.


An Eidan 500 series departs platform 2 (Ikebukuro-bound trains).






Intrestingly enough the running number is 130.

Unit 130 was part of the Tokyo Rapid Railway 100 series, one of the two companies that built the Ginza line (the other being the Tokyo Underground Railway), they will be both merged into TRTA (Eidan) in 1941. 130 was scrapped shortly after the war but it's brother units 101 to 110 were repainted red and white and transferred to the Maronouchi Honancho Branch line in 1962.


Another scene in a subway tunnel, where the ghost train passes by what seems to be a Toei Mita Line 6000 series.






An Odakyu 7000 series LSE is very briefly seen in a scene taking place at a level crossing.








And mid-movie an early-styled Eidan Ginza Line 2000 series nearly hits the protagonist.






Intrestingly enough, all logos, names and trademarks are left in place in this OVA, such as the ones of the then newly-formed JR East (wich happens to be the company the protagonist is working for).


To those interested it can be viewed here


Warning: contains a couple splatter scenes towards the end.


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Yojo Senki (Saga of Tanya the Evil)


A crucial scene happens at Tokyo station, fetauring what is a funny mix between a Keihin-Tohoku Line E233-1000 and a Yamanote Line E231-500 (altough the shade of green is closer to the one of Joban line E231-0s).








For unknown reasons, the signs inside Tokyo station have "copyright-proof" names, such as "Chushin Line" (Chuo Line), "Yokosuka-Sogo Line" (Yokosuka-Sobu Line) and Nakita Express (Narita Express).


JR East is also (this time reasonably) changed to "ER" ("East Rail"?).


There is also a locotender, that shows up several times, possibly a DRG Baurehie 78 (former Prussian Railways T18), altough i may be easily wrong as i lack in knowledge about German steam locos.






It's hauling 4-axle Umbauwagen coaches, specifically of the BDyg (2nd class+baggage car) type.




In an another appearance, it's hauling a standard coal tender and a Pw4u mail+baggage coach.






There is also a military train, again, hauled by a locotender (possibly another DRG br 78?).




And a railway gun, possibly a Russian TM-2-12.





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7 minutes ago, Suica said:

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Movie: Take On Me


JR West Kyoto Line 223 Series


Hankyu Kobe Main Line 6000 Series

Sapporo Shiden Type 240? on front of the Tanukikoji shopping arcade


JR Hokkaido's Hamanasu with DD51 1130 and some ED79

I don't think 1130 ever wore Hokutosei colour. They probably confused it with 1138.


Is the movie any good? Recommend it?

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1 minute ago, gavino200 said:

Is the movie any good? Recommend it?

It's good fun. Very recommended if you've seen the show.

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1 minute ago, Suica said:

It's good fun. Very recommended if you've seen the show.


Haven't seen the show. I'll look for it, and if I can't find it, I'll just check out the movie.

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On 8/30/2018 at 11:19 AM, Suica said:

"Island" features a nice 1999 trip from Tokyo to somewhere by the Sea of Japan.

Yamanote 205 series > 200 series Shinkansen > Hokuetsu Express 681 series Hakutaka > some mystery DMU

Anyone got an idea what that DMU is supposed to be?


It's a Nototetsu NT100 (the last of which were scrapped in 2006) on the Nanao line https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/のと鉄道NT100形気動車


Incidentally the picture on Nototetsu's homepage shows the exact samefram as the screenshot form the anime:




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Another Anime full of Trains is Train Wars - about JR Train Security Staff.


On 3/27/2016 at 4:39 AM, NX: said:

Just for curiosity, is there any anime/manga where Gustav/Dora appear? That would be epic.


Dora can be seen in Dies Irae.



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6 minutes ago, Steve said:

Another Anime full of Trains is Train Wars - about JR Train Security Staff.


This is essential to the story. 

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On ‎9‎/‎2‎/‎2018 at 4:50 AM, Steve said:

Dora can be seen in Dies Irae.


Thanks for the info.

Would you know the episode number? I was looking for any reference but I couldn.t find it. Cheers.

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On 9/8/2018 at 1:21 PM, NX: said:


Thanks for the info.

Would you know the episode number? I was looking for any reference but I couldn.t find it. Cheers.


Episode 0 - near the End.

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Taiho Shichauzo (You're Under Arrest!)


Original 4-episode OVA series (1994-1995)


Straight from the intro, a Tokyo Monorail 1000 series in original red and black colors (still with it's logo)


Episode 1:


Keisei 3600 series in their original 1980s red.


DE10 diesel locomotive is visible for a split second.


One never has enough KoKis (and WaMus too)

(the "JR" logo instead of "JRF" on the containers is actually correct)


Trivia:  in this episode the main duo uses the (then-under construction) TWR Rinkai Line tunnels as a shortcut.


Episode 2:


Odakyu 1000 series stuck at Ayase station (inter-running service on the Chiyoda subway line) (1) and (2)


On the last picture you can see to the left an unidentified stainless steel commuter train.

It could be anything: another Odakyu 1000 series, a TRTA 6000 series or a JR East 203 or 207-900 series.

(Also note that the 1000 series is incorrectly depicted with three dors instead of the correct four)


Episode 3:


JR East 183 series in JNR Limited express colors [1] and [2], with an unidentified headmark (Odoriko?)


You're Under Arrest! - Main Series (1996-1997)


The Chuo-Sobu Line 103 series is by far the most common train seen in this series, appearing in atleast 5 different episodes.


[1]   [2]   [3]   [4]   [5]


Episodes 34/35:


An unidentified Tokyo Monorail train


Episode 37:


One of the two trains mainly fetaured in this episode is the then-new Keihin-Tohoku Line 209 series.


Also, it looks like "Mahou Sensei Negima" is not the only one that got "Omiya" wrong.


The other one is a Yamaonte Line 205 series ([1] and [2]).


"Well, you say it..."


Episode 41:


Intrestingly enough (as the show is set in eastern Tokyo, specifically Bokuto), a Seibu 101 series is visible for a split-second.


Special Episode (52):


255 series "Boso View Express" [1] and [2]


Another train seen in this series is this unidentified hybrid:


The front looks like a Nishitetsu 8000 series... 


...but the rear looks completely different.


Plus there is some lettering on the side wich reads "E 0102"


You're Under Arrest - Fast & Furious (2001)


Episode 1:


A nicely detailed (but with wrong passenger windows) Chuo-Sobu Line 201 series bound for Chiba, at the end of it's career.


A wrongly colored 205 series, also on the Chuo-Sobu line at Kinshicho station.


Episodes 11/12:


These two episodes are about a subway train on the fictional "Bokuto Line" (Toei logos are visible on the trains, therefore it should be called "Toei Bokuto Line") stuck underground due to an earthquake.


The trains fetaured are 3rd/4th batch Toei 12-000 series ([1] and [2]) wearing the 1st batch's liviery.

They are also wrongly depicted as full-sized catenary-fed (in reality they're small-sized linear-motored trains)


Trivia (spoilers):

The stuck trains are reached via a passageway trough an unnamed abandoned Ginza Line station (wich would be Manseibashi, located between Kanda and Sueirocho stations).


Episode 22: 


Unidentified new-series train (Shin-Keiretsu Densha), it could be either an E231-0, E231-900 or 209-500 series.


You're Under Arrest - Full Throttle (2007-2008)


Episode 2:


Enonden 300 series (unit 304)


Episode 5:


Chuo-Sobu Line E231-0 or 900 series (with the E231-500 series headlights)


Episode 20:


In this episode, an unrebuilt Keisei 3500 series is primarily fetaured:


[1]    [2]    [3]


Also seen in this episode are an E231-800 series (Tokyo Metro Tozai Line inter-running service) at Kinshicho station and another unidentified Chuo-Sobu line "new-series train".









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Taiho Shichauzo (You're Under Arrest!) - The Movie (1999)


The one and only 201 series prototype, series 201-900 in Chuo-Sobu line colors.


(This is correct, as it was moved from the Chuo Rapid Line to the Chuo-Sobu line in the mid-1980s, and later moved again, along with the full-production units to the Keiyo Line in the very early 2000s)


It can be distinguished from standard 201 series trains by the door pocket window between the cab and the first passenger door.


A Sobu Line 113 series


These were at the very end of their careers, as they were retired from the Sobu Line (and the Yokosuka Line) in the same year as the film relase, 1999 (they were retired by E217 series trains introduced 5 years prior).


A southbound Toei Mita Line 6300 series


The destination board reads "Mita", this is correct as it was the Toei Mita Line southern terminus until 2000 (the trackage was actaully partially built in 1976 but left uncomplete for 24 years due to Administrative/Economic/Governmental issues).




In the movie is stated that the nearest subway station to the fictional Bokuto police station is Morishita on the Toei Shinjuku Line (and from 2000 onwards also on the Toei Oedo Line), this is partially incorrect, as the police station is supposed to be where the Bokuto Hospital is, thus making either Sumiyoshi or Nishi-Ojima (both also on the Toei Shinjuku Line) the closest.


(Kinshicho on the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon line is actually the closest of them all, but it was opened only in 2003).



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Not really an anime or manga...but the opening of the Yellow Magic Orchestra's Music Movie "Propaganda" features Shōwa station on the Tsurumi line, with a really close up shot of a 101 Series pulling away and some locomotive whistles can be heard shortly after.



The station appearantly looked pretty much the same as in the movie until it was rebuilt in October 2017. Some photos of the new and old station can be seen on this page:


The siren in the background almost sounds like the ones used to alert the voluntary fire brigade here. Do such exist in Japan too?

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I saw the movie "Mirai" yesterday. It's a sweet and clever movie, well worth a watch. It features a kid who's obsessed with trains. His playrail trains feature throughout the movie. Later in the movie he runs away to Tokyo. Lot's of contemporary trains are featured as well as a few from the past, as well as a fantasy Shinkansen - 'the train for lonely children'. 





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Four car trains of Shonan 115 series are shown in Messenger Fox of the Gods.  The trains do not play any major role, and are only seen when the characters visit the river or in transition scenes where a train is shown crossing the river on a bridge.  The show takes place in the outskirts of Tokyo (and sometime edo) so the exact location is unkown, possibly the Tama or Arakawa rivers.

Later a two car EMU crosses a different bridge in another transition scene.  No idea what it is, looks like non JNR rolling stock at the very least.

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