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One thing i noticed is that classic wooden tie unitrack joined with unijoiners looks really off around the joiners. Not only we have a double tie join (which is relatively rare today), but the joiner itself is flat gray and this creates holes in the tie pattern. So i just removed the joiners and painted the raised tie parts with a lack marker pen. The result can be seen on the attached picture. (yes they are kato/tomix converter tracks) The painted unijoiners are in the middle and can be barely seen. Imho this makes it look much better. My question is does anyone paint their joiners or nowdays just nobody uses wooden tied track anymore? (because with the concrete ties or with slab track, flat gray is the correct color)


ps: I also noticed a difference in rail thickness, finetrack is much thinner, so much that kato track can't even be forced into a finetrack joiner without damaging it. I had to use two roco joiners that fit anything. (and i still have to paint the two brass joiners supplied by kato)


Unpainted unijoiners:



(sorry for the bad picture quality on my attached photo)


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personally i'm not too fussed about it.  it is the trade off between using a snack together system versus solding flexi track together.


wodden tracks would still be the most used version of kato track.

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I go over the whole rail with whatever brown paint is within reach. The shiny silver rail is the thing that stands out to me on any model track, in real life only the top of the rail is shiny.



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