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Excellent all-gauges online magazine

shiawase raichou

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shiawase raichou

Modellers may enjoy this pictorial magazine spanning all gauges and genres of Japanese railroad modelling.




Gohachi magazine is named after the EF58, known as gohachi to its fans.


Past editions can be found here.


Or find special editions grouped under these categories: live steam and gauge 1, pickups, multiple units, electric locos, diesel units, passenger coaches and steam locomotives.


Of interest? It seems a pretty polished magazine.



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Martijn Meerts

For some odd reason they felt it necessary to use silverlight instead of flash to create the reader, even though flash is far more optimised for this kind of stuff than silverlight is ...


Of course, in the end, both silverlight and flash are pretty crappy, and a downloadable PDF would've been much better ;)

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Martijn Meerts

Then click on the icon between the magnifying glass and the wrench. ;)


Which seems to be only visible if you have Silverlight installed ;)

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Seems like a neat zine....anyway to get it translated to English?




Jere Ingram

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shiawase raichou

Folks, the latest edition is published today.


Some highlights:

- commuter lines around Osaka

- an O-gauge ED75

- 5-inch gauge and G-scale live steam

plus all the usual new releases, archive photos and railway ephemera

And for readers in Japan, there are special features on trams in Poland and a dinky tourist train in Stockholm

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Can anybody write what are the special features of trams in Poland? The picture and the tram is actually from Warsaw which has quite big tram net.

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shiawase raichou

The April edition is out.

It contains lots of N-, HO- and O-gauge tidbits and historical ephemera, including

- an N-gauge tram from 1926

- an O-gauge EF53 and a 5000-series
- the 373-series Wide View Tokyo-Shizuoka with lovely historical route illustrations
- the E233 in Yokohama
- an update on the activities of the Yokohama Live Steam Club, with its fabulous Aster and scratch-built 1-gauge locomotives
- features on 1:1 scale French trains and the Costa Victoria, plus a model SS Normandie  
Hope you like it.
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shiawase raichou

Two other items from the news.




1. Loco saved for posterity:








2. the Sanriku railway returns to life after the 2011 quake and tsunami:



Edited by shiawase raichou
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shiawase raichou

The May 2014 edition is out:

In this volume:
- fresh HO-, N- and G-gauge models
- a 1:1 C57

- live-steam treasures including a London Transport 0-6-0, a 9600, a Shay, a blue Duchess, and laying new track

- plus lots of fine news, food, ephemera and tourism
Brought to you by Japan's finest hobbyists. Hope you enjoy it.
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