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Hello from Pennsylvania

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Hello All,


My name is Lou La Salle, and I was recently bitten by the N Scale LRV/trolley bug. I' m 70 years old and have played with trains all of my life. My wife and I live on a fly-in community here in PA., and as such we have a hangar attached to the house, that's gives me a 25x45 foot room for trains above the hangar. Currently there is an 18 x27 foot, three rail scale O railroad. I have begun to scale it back to make room for some N scale.


During the 1960's, while serving in the U.S.Navy, I had the good fortune to be home ported in Yokosuka, Japan. I loved the Japanese culture and thoroughly enjoyed my time there.i had the opportunity to ride Japaanese trains, and even got to see JNR steam in action, on Honshu, and Hokkaido . Great memories.


I plan a modest beginning, a 4x8 foot layout for my Kato Portram cars and a loop of elevated track for other trains. But, you know how these things have a habit of growing. Looking forward to enjoying the trains, and sharing thoughts and ideas with you all.


Domo Arigato


Lou La Salle

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Hello and welcome Lou!


Your history in Japan sounds awesome! Do you happen to have photos of that era? It's very rare stuff from back then, especially from a foreigner's view.


And you have a deeply impressive space available there! I'm sure everybody is looking forward to the developments of your layout, since everybody also knows just having a few loops won't do eventually ;)

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Welcome! sounds like you have been bitten by the japanese n scale bug! careful it will creep out from the portrams if you dont take big precautions! Awesome you have such a great space for trains. Love to see photos of both the setups! the o scale sounds wonderful. also i second toni any photos of your stay in japan in the 60s would be great, always love seeing stuff like that.


Where are you in PA? we have a japanese train club here in the washington dc area (japan rail modelers of wash dc http://www.japanrailmodlers.org). we do some T trak with street cars as well as a big show layout for the big trains. Yell if you ever get down DC way and we can get some other japanese train folks together.


have fun with the unitram, will be fun to see what you do with it!





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Mudkip Orange

I was out of Harrisburg for two years. It can be a bit cold up there!



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