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Source for TCS decoder


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Anyone know a reputable source of TCS decoders to save a few buck from TCS official price and that ship internationally?


thanks for your help


I'm searching for TCS decoder only and will skip Digitrax for my Kato Loco because I need Railcom and Digitrax does not support it

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I've ordered from both the above, though mostly from Litchfield Station. If you have only a small order of decoders they will take them out of their original packaging and send them in a padded envelope, I've gotten two or three decoders with only $1.80 postage to Australia.

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Thanks for your help guys

I'll check both sites


I have another question about TCS FL2 decoder that puzzle me, there are no wire coming out, do I need any special accessory to connect to it were I'm able to solder the lights wires?

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Yes, you would normally need to purchase an appropriate wiring harness for the TCS FL2.  Don't like it when they do that for the TCS decoders.... increases the cost.  Anyway, the wiring harnesses come with different length wires and either 8 plug or 6 plug.

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Thanks VJM


now I understand, looking at the prices, I'll go directly for TCS FL4, it cost less than the combined price of the FL2 and wiring harness, it's also smaller because it has not the JST connector that take precious space

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Thanks vatato

problem with modeltrainstuff it's that they charge an arm and a leg for international shipping they start with $34 up to $121 for a K0D8 decoder


at the moment litchfieldstation.com is currently the best option and small packets 99% of the time skip customs duty, it's just a matter to wait for them once they arrive in Italy custom and wait to be forwarded to destination, when I was ordering books from US they usually arrived in 4-5 weeks time

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Post service in Italy is a nightmare, I have ordered on monday last week 2x200 Marklin K screw from a shop on the other side of the city (13km by air going straight), i thought it could have been faster to have it shipped to my office than to wait for the weekend and go there to pick it up..... well I was wrong, packet arrived yesteday


One week to cross the city with a signed packet

until now they have never lost anything, but are so slow


couriers here make lots of money

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I have brought a couple of K0D8 (1A and 1C version) decoders from litchfieldstation.com and once they arrive I will let you know how they fit my loco out of the box or if they requires some modification


I hope to get them in 4 weeks time

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