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japanese Diesel Rail vehicles in egypt


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Dear friends, Greeting from Cairo.


In 60,s Kinki_sharyo Company export two types of DMU for Egyptian national railways.


First type was single units , trains used in local lines in Upper Egypt and Alexandria 350 train delivered


Second type was in three CARS SET (M-N1-N2), the trains used in local lines in Cairo and Alexandria, 40 train delivered

Unfortunately nothing of them left, i hope anyone have a brochure or catalog design (drawing) for that trains.


best regards





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Thanks cteno4 for reply


loool :)  No it wasn’t a run competition... ,


it was Big event ,The masses of the Egyptian people going to say goodbye to the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser (President Funeral) in 1970


and the first pic was taken to the DMU's in a depot after they became a Scrap :hmh:



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I was looking because it seemed interesting, but can't really come up with anything. Most of the documentation on egyptian trains are either the new ones that are running now or the ones supplied by hungary (in hungarian in the ganz archives). I would say if the manufacturer can be reached in english, then they might be kind enough to share some information with you. Afaik the company is still around.



I think you are looking for these:

"Cairo metro
M, N1 and N2 Cars for No.1 Line
M, N1,N2 and T Cars for No.2 Line"


Also: http://www.kinkisharyo.co.jp/e_index.htm


If they do answer, please share your information here...

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Look very similar to old suburban DMUs still running in India including having seemingly more passengers on the outside than the inside.

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Dear kvp
for Cairo underground metro units, I already make new topic for electric Electric Rail vehicles in Egypt, hope you like it, here is the link:



But that two units was diesel, build by kinki , Unfortunately  kinki  site doesn’t support any catalogs or any historical data  models and for sure searching using Google is useless



Dear yakumo381
yes its looks very similar to old suburban DMUs but it was in the Egyptian specifications  ,
I have found a small pictures it belong for a kinki book  maybe it mentions something about them  but I can’t find a pdf of that book ,





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Have you tried to write to them? I mean an email, because there is an email address on the website. Maybe they have some documents that are not online and they can send it to you in an email.

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yes i did it before , but no reply from them !!!! . am trying to find any by Google .

is there any Japaneses site (a pdf library ) i can search about them there

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bikkuri bahn

Feero, the rolling stock supplied to Egypt was built by Kinki Sharyo, but the actual broker and contractor was Mitsubishi Trading. I seriously doubt there is any kind of brochure available for the stock (who would have read it?), especially given the time period.  Nowadays, with worldwide competition and the ease of information dissemination via the internet, companies go out of their way to publicize their sales successes, but back then, it was a much more closed, behind the scenes business.

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Dear friends, Greeting from Cairo
it was long time away since 2014  , miss you all

kindly find attached my 3D drawing for a Kinki_sharyo/ Hitachi Company export DMU for Egyptian national railways.

it was single units , trains used in local lines in Upper Egypt and Alexandria , a number 350 train delivered to Egypt in 1958
hope you like it

thanks 😃











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