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Robel Bullok 54.22 Track Maintenance Vehicle DB Bahnbau Kibri 16100

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My first model of Robel Bullok 54.22 Track Maintenance Vehicle - DB Bahnbau (kibri 16100) arrived 2 months ago but the work at the workbench started almost immediately!
The parts included on this kit:
I looked to the cabin I took the immediate decision to remove all engraved handrails and apply new ones.
The following photos shows the original engraved plastic handrails:
The next 2 photos shows all handrails removed and the 0,35mm holes already made and ready to receive the new metal handrails
Finnaly with the new metal handrails applied but not fixed yet.
Regarding the handrails I always use 0,35 mm (spare!) strings from my Yamaha C2 grand piano!   :)
Ayala Botto
Edited by AyalaBotto

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nice model and great work! nice picts as well!


thanks you always make me drool for more n scale mow. i have a small shapeways body in n scale that is close to this but with a static crane. ive been thinking of trying one of the HO scale small truck unload cranes to see if they might work as a larger mow car crane like this one in n scale, but fear it may be too large.


thanks for posting



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