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I have a question for those who have ordered from NGDCC before. How much did you pay for shipping?

(I would have asked NGDCC directly but they are on New Year's vacation until next week.) 

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He makes drop-in decoders that fit certain Kato locos better than those from U.S. manufacturers, the EF64 for example.


It's been a while since I sent an order so I don't recall the postage but I'm planning an order in the new year to catch up on some decoder installations.

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Does he make decoders appropriate for HO?  I'm guessing that the DE30sx0EL6x would be the right one for a Tomix HO EF81; do I need an EXT FX4 for lighting too?

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He also makes best drop in decoder for Tomix track cleaning cars.

That's what I ordered today.  :D 

Shipping (to Germany) is 400 yen by Airmail (I ordered one decoder).

Payment through PayPal.

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