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Romancecars and Mt. Fuji


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Thanks for the videos, and the link for those of us not familiar with the different romancecars. Now I understand the differences, what nice looking sets they are. ( Amtrak- look what can be done!)  :icon_profileleft:

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Seeing them regularly, the LSE is the only one that makes my head turn any more. Oh and maybe the MSE in Asagiri formation or as a Chiyoda line connecting service. The VSE is... Kind of nice, but that's about it. The EXE has been rebranded as the 'Brown Bullet' (a reference to some 90s pop culture thing).

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Nice short videos on the same spot! Sweet! Definitely the VSE gets my vote. Still the most streamlined beautiful white angel ~~

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Great videos! The LSE is the classic romancecar together with its predecessors, the VSE also looks really nice in its german DBAG ICE colors and shape. The other two look like metro cars and that's essentially what they are. I don't really understand why did odakyu stop using it's classic orange/white/gray corporate colors.

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