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Not really a club topic, maybe one day, but one of the Hungarian N-gaugers started to build T-trak modules and shared some photos with me about the module building process, so I share the pictures with you. It is a little bit different approach in the making of the modules, we will see how it will works. The height of the module is the usual 70 mm, the thickness of the wood is 10 mm, the size of the module is the 'old' 308*210 mm, the same as we are using. At this moment he is not planning Japanese theme, but who knows what will happen later. Or at least within a few month we will have a nice T-trak layout with plenty of Hungarian, Japanese and British modules mixed together and we can run different trains just for fun. :)


post-212-0-28207400-1465542517_thumb.jpg   post-212-0-49843800-1465542582_thumb.jpg   post-212-0-54136800-1465542586_thumb.jpg


post-212-0-29241100-1465542592_thumb.jpg   post-212-0-91297500-1465542596_thumb.jpg   post-212-0-18447600-1465542601_thumb.jpg


And a little help for him during the process: :)



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Nice! Always interesting to see all the variations on building modules!


Simple and sturdy!


Love the little spring loaded corner clamps!





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And I was wrong, this is a double module which is wider, so not the 210 mm one. But anyway, more and more T-trak modules are coming.

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Running various trains on the club layout:



The prototype of the loco above, a MAV M61 Nohab at Budapest Angyalfold an old unused freight station on a railtour:


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IST - I think we own the same cat! :) (Minds gray & black though)


I am afraid not, I have no cat, sorry. She is another modeller's cat. :)

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A few photos from some recent running sessions:


(no era or schedule, we were just having fun)

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Hi All!


A little progress on the station. I sprayed the first layer on the station building my new compressor and i made the area around the station from styrol.



I soldered new wire contacts, because the first contacts was very bad-looking, and fixed the ballast some places. Laid down tracks two more modules, so just one left from the whole station. I widened the modules up to 210mm, and i’m planning the heights up to 70mm for another later project.

I have to build a new ramp because the first is wrong. I would like to a bit similar looking to the real, but  just a little J.


Now I’m thinking about to i can’t find the yellow and yellow/black stripe type of railing fence, so i have to build some scratch but i haven't got idea what should from do that.

Here some pics at the moment of the station looking with Yokosuka E217 and EF-64 Eneos tanker train:



Best regards,


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Hi All!


The last one month i did the followings:


I made the station starcaise from platform to the station building:




From the kit other starcaise i modified to the overpass:




The overpass construction is almost done, i need some repairs yet, but i sprayed that because i want to see how looks like J




 I sprayed the new platform sections, unfortunatelly i miss the stripe measured the side of the platform and I think the platform color is too dark. I used the same color as the roads, but i think i need to re-spray a lighter color not just the platform, the roads also. I'm waiting a package from PJ it's include a station platform, when it's arrive i'll check the colors and if it's too different i'll sprayed all of the platforms to the correct tone:




From the Greenmax road sign set i made the signs what i need the area of the module: 




Best regards,


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Me again :)


I got my package from PJ and I checked the platform color, my platform color looks like good, but i ordered the Kato old platform, and i saw the modern platform maybe has a lighter skin than the old platform. So I think, I should re-spray my platforms a lighter tone.


I decided the station left side (opposite the roadside) change to open, because the real station hasn’t got wall this side, pictures later.


I made drainage pipes for the overpass and preshading the straircase surfaces with some rust layers:  



Modified the Kato platform roof section, i would like to use on my platforms with a scrathbild section the station two ends.

The fitting test:



This is the first prototype roof section, the height and width i think ok but it’s pretty long than i need, because i forgot deduct the normal roof section size. The roof made 1mm styrol and i scribed 283 lines:



Best Regards,


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That's a whole lot of scribing ;-)  since I see an Evergreen bag on your workbench, you didn't consider using one of their patterned sheets?


That shade of blue looks very good with the reddish-brown ballast.

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Those are really nice details on the overpass! Good to see that you are making a steady progress and i really hope that sometime in the future we could connect all japanese modules and build a nice layout together.

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Hi velotrain!


The scribing was two days J

Basically i use Evergreen when i need profiles (rod,pipe, H/I beams etc..) I saw the boards at my local store but one sheet (15x30cm) about 12 dollar, i have 2 sheet styrol from art supply store one-one sheet 0,5mm 100x200cm and 1mm 70x100cm and together it was about 11 dollar J

I tried to closely for these (google maps):




And yes i know, the station roof not blue just the side of the roof, but i like this color, maybe later i fix it or not J



Hi kvp!


I sent a mail!



Best regards,


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And yes i know, the station roof not blue just the side of the roof, but i like this color, maybe later i fix it or not J




Hi Coromant -


No, I would wait for them to fix it ;-)


I'm sure that when the older sections of the roof need repainting, they will make it blue to match the new platform-end roofs!


You are ahead of the prototype!



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Hi All


Big update!

The last few months i did many updates on the station:

-The last post i promised pictures from the station basement sidewall reconstruct so this is it, i cut the sidewalls and add some styrene sheets:

Before, After, Almost end:


-I almost finish the overpass. I sprayed the staircais and the pillars and wheathered with art oil paints. At now i’m thinking about how i do the rails, i have some idea, but i don’t decide what way i want to do:


-Next step i removed the old platforms and i began build new platforms. This is a pillars  type platform what the station has, i’m done just the first because this is a very f….ing job. The basement has some pipe and gutters what i want to do make, i have kato gutter set, and i have tamiya round styrenes:


 -The side of the module the earth first time i used something sand with the standard pva glueing process, but some place it was very bad and the texture i can’t do very beautiful. So i bought Vallejo texture gel and i pasted the entire surface. I think this texture is very good surface to the plants and grasses. I want to add some sand and light gray shade for the future before it begans grassy:


-I began the road signs. The technics is first the white layer and masking the sign, next layer the yellow to the barrage line, and mask, and the last layer to the road grey and if everything dry i removed the masks, and i hope every sign it good, but the real world not every time such gracious J:



-The next big process i removed the ballast at 3 module because i have to insert somekind concrete thing (i don’t no what is this, but it’s there at the station):


-I made some little relay box, and some somekind gutter stuff J

-I have to replace the catenaries again, the previous tomix  wasn’t bad, but not at this station, because the station use a different type, and i already got these tomix 3004,3005,3006 and I have already done some modification on the catenaries:


The poles fixing I think I make a fix point tube from evergreen or brasstube at the basement, and i can put it and pull out if need repair or replace for the future. If this done i can start the ballast fixing and after that i can homogenised the ballast color with airbrush and i put the relay boxes and other additional items.


Most of the things not glued just put the base for the check


Ok, at now that's all.


Best regards,


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Hi All!


Little progress:


-I made the catenary pole holders. I use 3,2mm evergreen tube it has 1,8mm inside diameter so i drilled to 2mm. I cut 7mm heigth pieces and glued to a little styrene sheet, after i glued to this to the base. It’s not a very beautifull and real looking, but i can change the poles if broken without any destruction:




-Reballast the 3 modules with some railroad sign:



-Made some relay box:



-The road sign:




Best regards,





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Hi All!


The last two/three months i did the following things on the station:


I created the station area, made the fences from kato set and from tamiya styrene the jellow and steel color pedestrians columns. Made on the sidewalk the indication lines with kobaru tactile paving set. I started making the arcade style the front of the station exit. In the future i need two bus stop sign on the road from Kobaru, because i didn’t want to masking that letters, the last kanji is too difficult.  




I am doing the catenary poles upgrades. The poles bodies have some little box, and the top of the poles have an additional level of cable holder:




Slowly it made the platform basements. Lay down the gutter line. To the basements i use tamiya 1mm round styrene with staples, next steps will be create the sewer line system and after that i can spray the entire basements:




The overpass got the railings, i used Casco set, i think it’s very fitting to the environment, and i add the manholes on the road:





During this project for relax i made a little T-trak project, it's a little 4 section unit:


The early overal variations, i planed this sections to it can connect every unit with any other:




The crossing section, I planned a little jinja to the left side, the crossing barriers not glued yet, i would like to fixing and upgrade a little:




The tunnel section inside, and the top of this section. It will be has 4 modern type house:




To the right side, the top of the retained wall l am building this old style house, need some windows and go to spray:




So that was the last time activities,


Best regards,








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