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Akagawa bridge last day for pedestrian access

bikkuri bahn

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Today was the last day of pedestrian access on the Akagawa Bridge spanning the Yodo River in Osaka (Awaji area).  The bridge will be double tracked, the additional track taking the space now occupied by the boardwalk pedestrian path.


Youtube poster ayokoi's medley of recent action on this stretch of railway:

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So that's why there was an article on it in the last issue of Japan Railfan Magazine.  Glad I made it there in 2011.

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I noticed that issue because of the feature on JNR-era express rolling stock. How's that article?

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When I was there in 2010, the amount of traiffic was so low, I waited about six hours for two freight trains. The amount of foot and bike traffic was pretty intense, and I'm not surrpised that there wasn't more public backlash about closing off foor traffic.


Subsequently, I can't see how they are going to double track the stretch between the bridge and Awaji. That's a pretty high single track fill that has houses and roads back up to it on both sides. The road on the east side of the tracks would have to be taken up along with every house along the street to accomdate the lines. It's pretty narrow through those six blocks or so.

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