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tomytec construction set 2 at plaza $38


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that is a nice set.


everything i have got from plaza has come as SAL. i normally recieve it 8-10 days after purchasing.  but jp to aus will be different to jp to usa, especially if near the eastcoast of usa.


i normally but a second item like cords/bumpers/joiners or similar to offset the shipping, that way onlt 50 cents is added to the shipping cost.  grab a few more items, and the shipping is really offset.


i had miata camshafts from maruha once turn up in 5 days from japan using ems also.


i have a question about hobby search shipping times, but i'll start a new thread.

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actually east coast vs west coast usa shipping from jp doesnt seem to matter. use to live on the west coast and now the east coast and both the same. direct flights from jp to either coasts for this stuff so just as fast. sal usually 10-14 days (smaller packages can come faster sometimes).


plazajapan will combine shipping but ive had mixed results from him with sal prices being usually high and sometimes really high on combined compared to the other usual sources.


ive had a bad habit of throwing in sankei kits to orders, usually doesnt change the shipping charge (small, light and flat)! cool to add till you get close to 2kg with sal then the price shoots up to ems cheaper at 2kg.


the construction sets are nice kits, but i have way more than enough of them!





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