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JR East E651 renewal

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This video was put up by tobu2181 a week ago, so I'm not sure if really qualifies as news, but none of you beat me to it :grin. This is the former set K109 based at Katsuta, the first to be refurbished and renumbered as 1000 subseries; previously, all 651 series cars were 0 or 100 subseries. I assume that as it will be running on Akagi, Kusatsu, and Minakami services, some 185 series sets must be destined for Nagano Depot (that is, the scrap line). :( I haven't read how many E651 sets will be refurbished.



Original set K104 on test run north of Tokyo:


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Alas, the 185's are heading towards retirement and scrapping because they were built in the early 1980's and are physically starting to get old. Expect a bunch of 185's to be retired over the next several years.

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This is the photo I took at Omiya railyard, near Higashi-Omiya station about 2 weeks ago...

Sorry, it is too dark but you can see the yellow-orange colored line under the window.




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It looks way better than the new livery of the E653. The E651 renewal livery looks much more simplistic and I like that.


Yap me think so too... The E651 has a much simple AND nicer look as compared with the E653... The front LED screen is just beautiful~~ 

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