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Please be aware that the stock levels on the website are not accurate. Better to email first to enquire about availability. Also the contact form doesn't seem to work. Contact via email worked fine and fast and I managed to order some items I was looking for which were dispatched next day.

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Yeah, it always has been like that. He is a one man store and the domestic sales is larger than the international sales, so stuff like this happens often.

Facebook is also a good way to get in touch with Nariichi-San FYI.

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Somehow MTP has managed to get great rates for Fedex delivery. My last order arrived with days and for the payment of tax / import duty they very conveniently send a bill afterwards. 

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In my recent order from here, Fedex was the only courier offered to me and as its now in route Fedex workers are striking or doing go slows

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Tony Galiani

Just received an e-mail newsletter from MTP.  It starts with We Are Still In Business but it looks like he has had a rough couple of years.


He also mentions upcoming shipping cost increases from EMS and FedEx as of July 1.  I have a few things I have been procrastinating about ordering so need to get my act together and put an order in.  I always prefer to support small businesses whenever I can.



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Model Train Plus has been heard from again.  Japan Post service to Australia has resumed.


ModelTrainPlus Newsletter #85

Hope everyone is fine.
I would like to share some information regarding ModelTrainPlus.


Shipment Status

Japan Post's service to Australia is now resumed.  We could only use DHL/Fedex to Australia for quite long time but now we can use ePacket and EMS as well.  Shipping table updated and you can choose those shipping option when you checkout.

Please contact us for shipment availability for other countries.


New Shipping Rate

I have announced Fedex rate change from July but it didn't happen actually.  However, Fedex rate to be changed from September.



KATO announced some of popular item.  Pre-order still available for following products.
KATO 10-1727 - Steam Locomotive 58654 + Series 50 coach "SL HITOYOSHI"
KATO 10-1766 - Shinkansen Series 300-0 "NOZOMI"
It is first time for KATO to release Shinkansen series 300.
Other pre-order is also listed.

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