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What are the opening hours? I may be able to visit on December 26th or 27th.


On the sign board, I think it says:


Normal days - 13:00 to 20:00

Holidays - 11:00 to 18:00

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What are the opening hours? I may be able to visit on December 26th or 27th.


Opening hours:

Weekday: 13:00-20:00

Sat. Sun. Holiday: 11:00-18:00

Closed on every Tuesday

Last opening day for 2015 will be Dec. 28

Above may change a bit due to my family matter

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I wish you good luck with the shop and looking forward to the rental layout mentioned earlier. (sadly most european hobby shops only have a bare oval for testing or a few static dioramas buit by some of the manufacturers)

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Dear Everyone,


Thank you for the message.

I didn't have much time to check all the post but appreciate your support.

Today is Dec. 29 but I will be opening shop only between 13:00-16:00.  I am not sure anyone can make it but today is the last operation day for 2015.

Shop will be open again on Jan. 3, 2016.


Also recently listed many new product available online shop.


Hope everyone having pleasant holiday period.

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Gordon Werner

I would just like to say what a pleasure it is to do business with ModelTrainPlus (online only so far) ... they definitely have my recommendation!

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Summary from Kato monthly sales meeting for January is up on Facebook page.


Now pre-order open for KATO new product for Feb. to May.  Please check pre-order listing.

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It is a shame you don't update the blog anymore.  Not all of us use facebook.


Yes, FB page is open to public, so anyone can see it.  This is another reason I migrated sharing any update.

Due to disk space limitation, I will no longer updating blog page at my online shop.


Thank you railsquid-san for the follow up.

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New items listed.


TOMIX 98950 - Series 373 "Iida Line Hikyoekigo"
TOMIX 92894 - Odakyu Romance Car type 7000 LSE
TOMIX 92597 - Series 12 Coach
TOMIX 92429/92430 - Dr. Yellow
TOMIX 92575/92576/92577 - Shinkansen Series E2-1000 YAMABIKO
KATO 10-1306/5245/5246 - Series 50-51 Coaches (KATO 11-551 grade-up parts also available)
KATO 3071 - ED76-500

KATO 3065-2 - EF510-500 Cassiopeia is restocked.

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Pre-order is up for all those KATO product announced.



10-1334 - Series 165 "KOMAGANE"

10-1335 - Series 165 "INA"

2017-5 - C62 Sanyo Type (Kure Line)

10-1348/1349 - Sleeper Express "ONDO"

10-1354/1355 - Series 581 (10-1239 - series 583 add-on set is already available)

10-385 - Series 281 "HARUKA"

3020-1 - EF58 (late model / blue)

4964 - KUMOHA12-50 Tsurumi Line

3061-1 - EF65-1000 Late model

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Das Steinkopf

Thanks again Nariichi for hunting down some parts for me as well as holding onto a set whilst waiting for my pre order to come in, the 313 Series and the 373 Series look beautiful sitting there together, I will have to start building a layout for them to call home.


Edited by Das Steinkopf
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Many new item listed.

KATO 10-1138/1139 - Sleeper Express HAMANASU
KATO 3076-1 - ED79 (single arm pantograph)
TOMIX 8703 - KOKI106 with LED tail lights
Microace A7330 - Keisei Type 3000
Microace A7331 - Chiba New Town Railway Type 9200
Tomytec Keihan Type 700 "Thomas and Friends 2015"
Tomytec Wakasa Railway WT3000
Popondetta N scale Buses

Facebook page updated with summary from recent KATO monthly meeting.

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New item listed

KATO 10-1318/1319 - Rhätische Bahn "Bernina Express"
KATO 10-1320 - SUHA32 Chuo Line (limited availability)
KATO 7009-2 - DF50 (brown)
KATO 3072 - EF13
KATO 10-1336 - E26 Cassiopeia (12 car set)
TOMIX 92563 - Hokutosei Last Run

Not a new item but now on special offer
KATO 10-1276 now comes with free interior lights installed.  No change in price.


Pre-order also updated with recent Greenmax products and other.

Update information available at Facebook page.

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During my just finished Japan 2016 trip i did visit ModelTrainPlus shop and meet, of course, Mr. Nariichi.


A Wonderful person to speak to (we went a few days later to lunch together), nice shop full of train material and very good place where to leave your Yen ;) 

I did found all what i needed in H0 and N size!


The shop is easy to reach by JR lines and you can have a perfect  train day.

Go first to Omya where you can visit the train museum and on the way back stop at Mr. Nariichi shop. 

15 minutes by train from Omya.


Again,Arigatou gozaimasu Mr. Nariichi!!


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New item listed

KATO 3075-1 - ED75-1000 early model
TOMIX 98951 - KIHA40-700/1700 vermilion
TOMIX 98952 - KIHA261-1000 Super Tokachi
and more

Pre-order for new KATO/TOMIX is also up.

Summary from KATO monthly sales meeting is up on facebook page.


KATO 10-1276 - Series 50 Coach with free interior lights still available.

ModelTrainPlus ad is now on the newest issue of RM Models magazine.

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New item listed.

KATO 10-1340 - E233-8000 Nambu Line
KATO 10-1341 - 205 Nambu Line
KATO 10-1326 - 14-500 Sleeper Express "RISHIRI"
KATO 1-808 - (HO) WAMU80000
Also, 1:7 Miyabi Kinugawa figure from Tomytec is in stock.

Pre-order also updated.  Please check.

Now I am asking customers to join a team to challenge for oncoming high school model train contest on August.  There is a business division for retailers to show own module layout made with customer.  First 3 teams will be rewarded with KATO factory tour.  Please feel free to stop by at my shop for detail.

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