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Hello all! This is Nick from JNR Models, Australia's Japanese model railway supplier. It's been requested that I post here all the cool new stuff we get in and the articles I build for our site, so I shall! :) We will hopefully see some new items from Kato in the not-too-distant future, but for now I'll just leave here what I've posted on our site so far.

From Kato:
We've really been pushing to get all of Kato's Unitram system on stock. As of now we have everything but the curved pieces. Hopefully in the next shipment we will have the whole lot :) since taking over the business we managed to get the turnouts and crossover. We've also got a few more of the prefabricated railway buildings. This is another area we are keen to focus on.


We've also started stocking all of Kato's Compact Unitrack Pieces. I created an article detailing what is capable of running on the various radii here:



From Tomytec: 
We've got a large restock of Tomytec's building kits. For those who don't know these are snap-fit pre-painted building's that need very little assembly. I've posted an article about them here:

We also have got their moving bus systems once again. JNR had these a while back and we figured they were worth getting again. I'm keen to have a play around with one of these and make a "Road Testing" articles for this as well, so hopefully I find time to do that too. :)

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Got a couple of new Kato items in the Australian shops.

Also, as we (or retailers around the world) haven't had the Unitram sets in for a while I made a short article on what's in the box to give everyone a good idea about the kind of items packaged with it. You can view that here. Feel free to direct people to this if anyone is asking about this item. One of my favourite parts of my job is taking nice Hi-res photos of this kind of stuff :)



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