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Mailing models from the US to Australia


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G'day all, I need some advice.


I'm buying an HO scale model from a forum member in the US, and I'd welcome suggestions as to the best method to get it sent out to me here in (not-so-sunny) Waterfall. Is the US post service reliable?







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For the last ten years or so I've been getting just about all of my non-Japanese trains from the U.S. by mail and haven't had anything lost or broken so far.

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I've posted quite a bit to Australia in the last year or so for a friend. Everything came thru fine global priority in about two weeks each time. Several thousand worth and no issues. You can do up to $1000 in a box from the us w/o duty.


Not cheap shipping, that's why I was bundling up shipments for him (and some won't ship overseas)


Global priority gets you tracking and insurance is just a few bucks. Global express is more and is close to ems in service.



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I've had feebay items show up at my door and turned around and shipped them internationally for friends here. You'll have to compare exchange rates and shipping.


Knowing the package weight and dimensions really helps.

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Shipping price is by weight. There is a max length/girth but its pretty big (length plus girth max 79").


A kg is about $46 priority 1-2 week) or $62 express ( like ems). Calc at USPS.com





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