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Tarumi Railway in April 2013


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Here's a series of 6 videos by YT uploader railtomo.  They're all of the Tarumi Railway connecting Ogaki to Tarumi via their line in Gifu prefecture.  For a long time, a significant portion of this line's traffic was for a Sumitomo cement factory, but that ended in early 2006.







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Tarumi Railway has fascinated me since I started to model Japanese trains (which is about a year now). Perfect for small layouts, and dioramas. Running through beautiful scenery, especially when Cherry trees are in bloom. Small single diesel units with colorful liveries. I think I need one for my small layout. Thanks for the post miyakoji, will watch again. We used to have RDC cars here in VT, looking quite similar in the scenery. Gone now, never to return. Thanks again!

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I'm hoping to get in a trip over the Tarumi Railway in December.  I don't know whether to watch the videos or not in case they spoil it for me.

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